Summer’s Here!

Well, summer was here a while ago, I suppose, but for some reason I’m still in school mode and that makes me sad :( But I am persevering in getting myself fully into summer mode and the start was the lovely colour change you can see on Valourbörn! Why blue? To cool you down in the hot summer months (if you live where it’s hot right now).

Last summer, I held the “Valourbörn Heroes Project”, where I posted stories about my personal heroes and asked my readers to contribute stories of their own. This year, I’d like to focus less on the heroes who inspire us and more on our own brave adventures.

This is all about YOUR STORY. Life is the greatest adventure, after all, and we are each the protagonists of our own lives. So I want to hear from you. Your moments of weakness, of fear or doubt, of rediscovering hope, or finding bravery or strength. The moments that have tested you, emboldened you, or made you believe in your own heroic spirit.

I’ll be sending out invitations to some bloggers I follow or who follow me over the next week or so, but if you’re reading this now and think you’d like to participate, feel free to pre-empt me! Let me know if you’d like to share your story and I’ll get in touch to work out the guidelines and whatnot (if you don’t blog with WordPress, leave your email when you comment, it won’t be posted publicly). I’ll be gathering stories throughout July and beginning to post them throughout August, while blogging normally in the meantime. I will include many more details in the email I send to participants, so make sure to get in touch! You can always email me personally at

This blog is a celebration of adventure and I think it’s high time I turned my sight to the adventure we all go through–life. Everyone has a story to tell and I hope to learn a lot of yours come August.

I shall write soon. Until then, take care everyone :)



4 thoughts on “Summer’s Here!

  1. I was scrolling through my reader and I saw this. 3 days after it had been posted. *sigh*
    Is it too late to say I’m interested in this hero/adventure project? I sincerely hope not.

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