Your Story

This is all about YOUR STORY. Life is the greatest adventure, after all, and we are each the protagonists of our own lives. So I want to hear from you. Your moments of weakness, of fear or doubt, of rediscovering hope, or finding bravery or strength. The moments that have tested you, emboldened you, or made you believe in your own heroic spirit.


Your Story was a project I ran on the blog during the summer months of 2014 and 2015. I invited several bloggers and readers to submit their personal stories, focussing on the more difficult or triumphant moments of their lives. The responses I received were incredible, inspiring, vulnerable, and empowering. They shared utter despair and hard-earned hope, and I was honoured to not just be able to read the stories, but to also be able to share them on Valourbörn for others to read too.

Please take a look through the stories that have inspired me so dearly.



Heather’s Story–“A few horses, a lot of life lessons”

The Shikster’s Story“Swish and Flick”

Jay Brooks’ Story“The Darkness and The Dawn”

Jenny’s Story“Lights in the Dark”

Em’s Story“The Heart of Texas”

Kato’s Story“Kato’s Story”


Heather’s Story“Learning About Love Through Loss”

Fanny’s Story“Rain Girl”

Olivia’s Story“Keeper of the Coins”

TS’ Story“.solo();”