About Language of the Small Folk

Language of the Small Folk is a series of posts telling the story of my warrior persona and her companion Nolan as she tries to recover a magic she’s lost–the ability to communicate with the Small Folk.

IMG_1179You might think of Small Folk as fairies, sprites, or imps, but the Small Folk don’t have to be small. Trolls, unicorns–even dragons–are all a part of the Small Folk. Any sort of creature in our world which spends most of its life unseen, hidden in forests and beneath cities, which can only be observed by those who pay attention to them, are classified as one of the Small Folk.

My quest is now to discover their world and learn their language once again. I want to know what they have to say. I want to see things from their perspective. Most of all, I want to let them be a part of my life. For once you’ve seen the Small Folk, you start to see the magic all around.

It’s when you call out with a silent voice that those who do not speak will respond. It is then that you will see the life where once there was none.

It all started with a walk in the forest. There, within the shelter of the trees, did I meet the Small Folk for the first time. There, by returning to the childlike wonder I had years ago, by making the woods as comfortable as my home, I once more joined the magic I’d been missing. Now, this is my story.

LotSFThe Language of the Small Folk story has been a journey for me already, as I’ve been learning to observe more of the world around me, to open my eyes to that which hides beneath the surface. And it’s allowing me to look inside myself the way I would with any other character I write about–to find out what motivates me, what makes me smile. It’s a journey of discovery, and I hope that, while reading it, you might also make discoveries about the Small Folk hiding all around you.

I’m now on the second part of LotSF. The first part, now named “Spring”, was written through 2013 and 2014. The second part, “Winter”, was started in 2015 and was in progress until Valourbörn ended in 2018.

LotSF: Spring (Read/Download the PDF)

  1. Asking Questions, Seeking Answers
  2. Wind Chimes and Confessions
  3. Feathered Ritual
  4. The Tip of my Tongue
  5. Gentle Roots (Mother’s Day special)
  6. A Pulse of Thunder
  7. By the Fireplace
  8. Warrior’s Dress
  9. The Banishment of Isolation
  10. The Training Yard (Father’s Day special)
  11. Trouble in the Air
  12. Thorns
  13. A Tangling Taint
  14. Unpredictable Foes
  15. On the Inside
  16. The Name of the Threat
  17. Finding the Root
  18. Scared for Me
  19. Riding Faith
  20. Marching Out
  21. Seeing Red
  22. Flames

LotSF: Winter

  1. Winter Rising
  2. Getting Up
  3. Chasing Fear
  4. Respect

The Lost Chapters (originally chapters 3, 4, and 5 of Winter)

  1. Guidance
  2. Childhood Calling
  3. Snow

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