A Future Born of Valour

“I’m a dreamer.”

“A romantic. An adventurer. A student of magic.”

“This is where we make adventures happen.”

Those were the words I used in my first post here on Valourbörn, introducing myself as an adventurer set to explore the adventure of life. Now, 20 posts later, I’m going back to those words.

Up until this point, I haven’t had much of a goal. I’ve just been writing whatever ideas pop into my head, taking inspiration as it comes and writing stories that I thought were significant. That’s been great so far, and I’ve started to build a bit of a community out of it, but now I’m looking to what lies beyond.

Now, I’d like to make good on my promises. I’d like to set off on a real adventure with you, my readers, so that we can all realize what it means to be a hero. What it means to be born of valour.

When I was seven or eight, I found it easy to imagine myself as a hero. I knew exactly what armour I was wearing, the sword I was wielding, and the magic I had access to. I didn’t need to think about it–it just came naturally, and that made it even easier for me to embark on my daily adventures. I knew exactly who I was and what I wanted to do in the world.

Now that I’m older, it’s a lot harder for me to decide what kind of hero or adventurer I am. I try to come up with some sort of persona, like I used to when I was younger. But when I try to think of armour and weapons and magic, I think too hard. I can’t decide what suits me best as who I really am and who I’d like to be. It isn’t natural anymore, and it makes adventuring much tougher.

So this is what I’m going to do.

I’m going to find my adventurer persona. I’m going to decide what armour I’ll wear, what sword I’ll wield, what magic I’ll use. But it won’t just be a persona I create like a character in a book. It will be a part of me. It will be based off of who I truly am–my possessions, my personality, and my looks, and also my day-to-day experiences. By taking who I am and putting it into an adventuring context, I will make for myself the heroic persona I need to properly explore the world.

This will be my challenge, but I don’t want to do it alone. I encourage you to join me, whether you’re looking for your own persona, have one already, or are just looking for an adventure. I encourage you to take who you are and put it into heroic contexts. To realize the adventurer you already are on the inside.

This is partly an exercise in imagination, a game of pretending, but it is also about believing, whole-heartedly, that you are an adventurer. That you are a hero. That there’s more in your everyday life than what you can see. You can do this challenge on your own, privately, but I do encourage you to share your experiences as I share mine. Let’s make a connection. In doing so, we may discover even more about ourselves.

I’m not sure yet how I’ll do it, but I know where I’ll start: with the bracelet in the picture above. This is something small that I own, a gift given to me not that long ago, and its beauty and intricacy make me suspect that it is partly magic. By unravelling its secrets, I’ll have begun to unravel my own.

Where will you start?


This is just one direction I’d like to go in with Valourbörn, and I have many more ideas in store for the future. I will continue to share stories, creative or true, and also comment on some of the traits of heroes, adventures, or life that I witness, as I’ve been doing so far. I do, however, have two other projects planned. One is a series of short stories, and the other is Guild Wars related, and that’s all I’ll share for now.

As I get more confident and comfortable with blogging, and get to know more of you, I realize more and more what the heart of Valourbörn is. This is where heroes are born. This is where adventures happen.

I look forward to what tomorrow may bring.

What new adventures do you have planned for the future? What adventures are you living through right now?

May you walk boldly along the path of all your new adventures, and have both the belief and the bravery to live them to the fullest.


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