About Valourbörn

Heroes are made of courage, strength, bravery, and spirit, rising from the ashes of disaster or standing to take it head-on. They are those few we admire, the ones who inspire us and make us believe in ourselves and in the nature of goodness. They remind us that dragons may come to challenge us, but we do not have to surrender. If we fight, even the nastiest red lizard can be defeated.

But a hero is nothing if not first born from valour.

Val-our /n: boldness, determination, courage; personal bravery, heroism.

This is where heroes are celebrated. This is where we immerse ourselves in legends and sagas. This is where we travel to distant worlds full of adventure and magic. This is where dragons are slain (or maybe befriended), mountains are climbed, villains are defeated, and stories begin.

Here, heroes are born.



15 thoughts on “About Valourbörn

    • Thank you, I’m pleased that you think so! I cherish my writing and the joy it brings me as the gift it is, and I can think of nothing better than inspiring others with that gift. :)

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  2. Alex, it was so good to see you!! Thanks for your like!! I was noticing your darling costume dilemma and LOVED seeing your sweet face. It was wonderful to finally put a face to all your sweet comments and thoughts. You seem like an amazing person and I LOVE hearing from you. You have a beautiful take on life. Cheers to you!! Take care of you. Happy posting. Keep in touch. Heather

    • Hi! Aww haha thank you :D It’s been too long since we’ve last had a good conversation, we shall have to remedy that! I hope all is well in your corner of the earth. Talk to you soon :)

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