Kato’s Story

Hi everyone, hope you’re having a good day. This is another Your Story submission, this time from the heart of your favourite ninja (not Chuck Norris, I’ve been informed) over at Indoor Adventures.

Short but so, so powerful, her story is a heartfelt and heartbreaking one that bears a truly enormous message. I admire her bravery and positivity and hope that I could learn to see the world in such bright colours just like she does! It is yet another strong reminder that though the world may bring us loss, we don’t have to succumb to our grief. We can move past it and shine brightly in new adventures.

I hope you enjoy reading her story and can take something away from it. As always, your kind comments are very much appreciated.


Kato’s Story

“My mom got cancer right after I was born. They told her she only had one year, but she proved the doctors wrong. She lived more than one year and threw the cancer off. Then when I was seven she got it again only this time it was breast cancer. She spent most of my first grade year at the hospital. I didn’t care though because all the staff loved me. My mom got surgery to remove the cancer. Then came the year of fun.  We went to Disney and the beach. When I turned eight that ended with the news that mom had cancer again. On April 9, she passed away. I was only nine years old.  My dad and I got through it together, and we’re doing well. We go on all kinds of fun adventures. And remember that there is always something to smile about you just have to look for it.”

Ninja out,



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