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I created Valourbörn back in February of 2013 as a place where I could talk about the stories and heroes that had captured my imagination and inspired my passion for writing and storytelling. It developed into a place where I could share my own stories about the things going on in my life, which was especially helpful when I was going through the everyday struggles of late high school and the transition to university.

Valourbörn soon became home to an ongoing story exploring a bit of my own personal journey, but from a fantasy perspective. It also became host to a couple special events, such as Halloween activities and my treasured Your Story event. Through the blog and the WordPress community, I’ve made several wonderful friends that I’m ever grateful for.

While I feel now that most of my posts were hit or miss in terms of how “meaningful” the content was, I realize that there are many posts that have stuck with me and significantly impacted my inner life. I think that my frequent explorations and comparisons of the “real world” to heroes and adventures in fiction provided me with coping mechanisms and a greater sense of purpose and agency, which have become incredibly useful as I work my way out of mental illness and into a better, stronger future. It’s this attitude and resilience that I hope to bring into new projects.

Though the final blog post was written in February of 2018, five years after it all began, Valourbörn will remain preserved here as a testament to some of the most formative and cherished years of my life. It saddens me to leave my first real project behind, but I’m looking forward to entering new projects with the experiences and insight that I gained here. I owe a lot to this blog and to the people who made it as special as it was.

For those only now discovering it, or those who knew it as it was and are perhaps reminiscing: thank you for reading and taking the time to get to know the spirit of Valourbörn. I hope that you find as many sparks of light in this blog as I did while writing it.

I wish you all the best.



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