Your Story–Summer 2014 (UPDATES!)




Last summer, I held the “Valourbörn Heroes Project”, where I posted stories about my personal heroes and asked my readers to contribute stories of their own. This year, I’d like to focus less on the heroes who inspire us and more on our own brave adventures.

This is all about YOUR STORY. Life is the greatest adventure, after all, and we are each the protagonists of our own lives. So I want to hear from you. Your moments of weakness, of fear or doubt, of rediscovering hope, or finding bravery or strength. The moments that have tested you, emboldened you, or made you believe in your own heroic spirit.

Whether you have a blog or not, whether you received an invite or not (my brain can only process so many emails, sorry!), your entries are welcome. Everyone has a story to tell.

You can shoot me an email any time at I will respond with more information and basic guidelines. I look forward to reading your stories and celebrating your adventures!

Here are some stories that have already been posted:

Heather’s Story–“A few horses, a lot of life lessons”

The Shikster’s Story“Swish and Flick”

Jay Brooks’ Story“The Darkness and The Dawn”

Jenny’s Story“Lights in the Dark”

Em’s Story“The Heart of Texas”

Kato’s Story“Kato’s Story”

Submissions are open right up till the end of the event on August 31st. Long or short, I’d love to read your story and help you share it with others! Keep checking back for more great stories and adventures!

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