Your Story 2015


Last year, I launched a collaborative project called YOUR STORY. Life is truly the greatest adventure and we are each the protagonists of our own lives. Everyone has a story to tell and in this project, I want to hear yours. Your moments of weakness, of fear or doubt, of rediscovering hope, or finding bravery or strength. The moments that have tested you, emboldened you, or made you believe in your own heroic spirit.

This year, I’m splitting Your Story into two parts: Trials and Free World.

Trials is all about you. Your life experiences. Your hardships. The struggles you have had to overcome that made you stronger and molded you into who you are today. In your heroic journey, these trials are your dragons. Beat them and you’ve won the hoard of gold. Whether humorous, tragic, or uplifting, your perseverance and fortitude are so inspiring.

Free World is also about you, but it’s not really about you. While Trials is memoir, Free World is fiction. These stories are ones that you create. The heroes, the dragons, the quests–they’re all from your imagination, but you can bet there will be pieces of your heart and soul slipping through. Through the story that you tell, you are sharing a part of yourself.

The below is just a run-down of what I’m looking for and how the process works. I’m sure I’ll miss something, so if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

The Basics:

  • You can enter a story into one or both categories, Trials or Free World
    • Trials is memoir, about your life specifically
    • Free World is fiction, a story coming from your heart
  • You can use any style (e.g. humorous vs. heartfelt, essay vs. poetry)
  • Wordcount is pretty flexible; last year’s longest was almost 3000 words, while the shortest was 150 words
  • Keep the language rated PG and we’re good to go

The Nitty-Gritty:

  • This story 100% belongs to you forever
  • My only rights are to post it on my blog, tweak some formatting, and run a spellcheck
  • You can post it anywhere you’d like without crediting me
  • You can ask me to take it down at any point in time if you change your mind

The When and How:

  • I’m accepting submissions from now till the end of the year
  • You can submit your story by emailing me at
    • it can be an attachment or written straight in the email
  • You can have it published anonymously or under your preferred name
    • you can also give me links to your blog/social media to put with the post
  • Please include links to any videos and pictures you might want to include
    • or, if you have your own, please send me the link/file
  • I’ll contact you prior to publishing so that you can check the post over before it goes live
  • I’ll then send you a link in an email telling you when it’s posted

I think that about covers it, from what I can think of. Again, questions are welcome! And I encourage you to consider participating if there’s any story at all that you’d like to tell. I’m happy to help you out if I can–I’m not asking you to be a master writer, I’m just asking you to tell a story :)

If you’d like to share on social media, bug your friends to join, or give it a try yourself, I would be enormously grateful. I love reading your stories, I honestly do, and I’d love to be able to help share them with the world.

And if you need a little inspiration, you can always check out last year’s entries here. Go on, read them. They’re well worth it!

Whether you have a blog or not, whether you consider yourself a storyteller or not, I’d love to hear from you. Your life is an adventure, and one best shared with others.

Take care, adventurers.


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