Villain Showdowns

With so many villains in the world, it’s rather fierce competition to be the worst of the worst. You have to be smarter, meaner, and much more stylish than the average baddie to stand out from the crowd. So who has the everything it takes to come out on top? In Villain Showdowns, you decide!

Here’s a recap of all the showdowns fought:

Villain Showdown 1: Reigning in Renown

Villain Showdown 2: Bozo, Batty, Bonkers

Villain Showdown 3: Brilliance Among the Brainless

Villain Showdown 4: Hopelessly Incompetent

Villain Showdown 5: Lethal Leading Ladies

Villain Showdown Finals!: The Top Five

Villain Showdown WINNER!: Darth Vader!


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