About Villain Awareness Month

Up till now, Valourbörn has been all about the heroes–the good guys who always save the day and protect the innocent from the evil and dangers of the world. Heroes are great and life just wouldn’t be the same without them. But what is a hero? The one who fights the bad guy.

The villain. A diabolical mastermind bent on world domination. An evil genius with a plan for mass destruction. That coffee shop employee who messes up your morning cup of joe. Bad people who do bad things, and take pleasure from doing so (maybe not the coffee guy).

Heroes were built to fight villains, and let’s be honest–without a worthy villain, a hero would be nothing special. Nobody applauds you for climbing the stairs at work every day, but they certainly appreciate you when you climb the stairs at work whilst battling a big, demonic creature that’s trying to blow up the whole office building.

It’s simple math.

Good hero + Challenging villain = Really exciting story

Villains aren’t just thrilling–they’re downright necessary.

But unfortunately, thousands of villains every day are being mercilessly condemned and destroyed for their disreputable ways. They’re thrown in jail without a trial, exiled without a second chance, and executed on the spot without even time to say goodbye. All of these villains are suffering great punishments for crimes that should be appreciated for being exceptionally clever or creative. All of these villains are suffering–and yet you hear not a word about them.

When was the last time you read an obituary honouring a mastermind villain? Or saw a commemorative statue in remembrance of a historical scheme? Villains simply aren’t given the respect that they deserve. Do you think it’s easy, thinking up countless ways to bypass government-level security measures, or inventing tons of gadgets to overcome the good guys’ defences? Villains put in tireless hours of work, each and every day, to provide us with a cause–a reason to raise our heroes and fight for our destinies. They do all of this work–most of it on a voluntary or thievery-based system–without even a thank you in return.

So now I think it’s time to give them that thank you. To look at all of the great things they’ve done for us, all of the masterful stories they’ve provided, and truly appreciate how much effort they put into it all. It’s time to thank the villains, and be aware of the great suffering they have endured for centuries! This is what Villain Awareness Month is truly about.

It doesn’t matter what your moral values are. Personally, I would hate to think of a villain ruling the world and endangering billions of innocent lives. But even so, I would hate to think of a world where villains didn’t exist, where everything was peaceful and good and boring. Villains aren’t just bad people, they’re also problems, issues, conflicts.

Nobody ever did anything great when there weren’t any odds to beat. And in order to beat those odds, you need some type of villain to fight against.

Here’s to the villains, the ne’er-do-wells and the felons, the scoundrels and the miscreants, the baddies and the crooks. Thank you, villains, for all of the bad things you do!


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