A Grand (Re-)Entrance

I’ve been thinking about how I should perform this grand entrance.

Leap out of the shadows into a brilliant spotlight with confetti cannons and a deafening fanfare?

Let a drumroll build up suspense as I slowly descend from wires attached to the ceiling, graceful as a bird, until my feet touch ground and a dazzling array of fireworks and spouts of flame awe the audience?

Walk into the room all cool with my sunglasses on and a disinterested shrug, greeting everyone with a, “Hey, wassup?”

But I’m not sure any of those entrances are quite accurate. My real entrance is more like a personification of the “:S” face, with lots of wide eyes and sheepish frowns and a kind of shuffling step as I brush away some of the dust and wonder if anyone remembers me.

Ahem. In any case.

I am putting forth an effort to return to blogging.

I’m not here with promises or anything crazy, I’m just putting forth an effort. I’d like to start blogging again so I am going to try. Whether or not that will be successful is debatable.

First though, because some of you may be wondering: I will be doing the usual Your Story thing, but I’m actually gonna do it in the fall (maybe start it September, end it November). The summer just came much too quickly for me to arrange anything so I’ll wait till things are more manageable before getting that up and running again. That being said, start preparing your stories! I hope to hear lots of them this year.

Second: my blog needs some serious help. I need to get a new banner and update my pages and aaargh. So much to do, so much to do. This place is a veritable disaster and I am sitting disgruntled and flustered in the midst of it. Huff.

Third: I have been on quite the adventure of my own.

I mentioned before the whole depression thing and that I didn’t really want to talk about it here, and I’m still not really keen on it, but the whole depression thing got a lot worse over the past couple months and has only very recently gotten much, much better. That was another part of my long silence, I suppose. Not easy to blog when you just feel like lying in bed forever and ever.

Still. It’s an adventure, even if it’s a dark and dangerous one. Lots of obstacles, lots of villains (most in my own head, I suppose), lots of struggling and darkest hours and chasing a speck of light that more often seems to get darker than brighter. But it’s an adventure, and I hope it’s made me stronger, and I hope that one day I will emerge officially victorious and be a little more prepared if it chooses to rear its ugly head again.

Anyways. Just wanted to stop in, say I’m still planning on rescuing this poor blog, and give a little update I suppose. Hopefully in the next little while I can get back into the swing of writing blog posts and discussing heroes and adventures and magic and all the good stuff.

Maybe I shall aim for a post a week? I know, I said I wouldn’t make promises, but still. I like to have a goal, even if only for the sake of having a goal.

I hope to see you around and hear from you soon and read lots of amazing stories come fall.

Take care, dear adventurers and heroes.

See you around.



4 thoughts on “A Grand (Re-)Entrance

  1. Hey, glad to see you coming back! I look forward to your posts! And if you ever need someone to talk to about the depression stuff, I’ve been there, so send me an email and we can talk, if you want. Other than that, I’m super excited that your making your effort to come back! I’ll help however I can! :) :) :)

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