A blog post with very little in it…

I’ve been sitting on this post for a while (a blog post, not a literal post), trying to figure out what to say. I’ve had a few ideas, started typing them out, then ultimately scrapped them. I think I’ve forgotten how to blog. This is a problem.

At some point in my life I should actually try to finish LotSF. I started writing it so long ago… April of 2013. That means it will be three years old this April. That’s bizarre.

It doesn’t feel like it’s been that long. I don’t know. There’s something about the story that feels timeless. It’s always there, always waiting, paused for a moment until I’m ready to pick it back up again. I haven’t posted a chapter since last May. Wow… um.

Of course, a lot of things have happened since then. A lot of personal issues, a lot of stress, a lot of everything. And this poor blog has suffered for it. And now I’ve forgotten how to blog.

It’s kind of made me look at my blog’s purpose again. I didn’t really have a purpose when I started, other than I liked fantasy things and wanted to talk about stories and heroes and stuff. I still want to do that, but I want to have more of a goal, you know? I want this blog to be inspiring. I want it to be a refuge and a comfort, if not for others, then for myself.

Here’s a fun fact: I always listen to Jónsi’s music when I blog. Always. It’s an old habit that started gods-only-know how long ago and is one I’ve always stuck to. So I suppose if you’d like to understand the spirit of Valourbörn, listen to Jónsi’s album “Go”. All of those songs have contributed to the words on this blog at one point or another.

It also reminds me of a friend of mine who happens to be learning Icelandic at the moment (some of Jónsi’s songs have Icelandic lyrics, you see). In fact, I shall call her out by name, for dear Jenny hasn’t been terribly active on her blog either. We shall have to remedy this ;)

So what shall be my blog’s newly defined purpose then, getting back to the matter at hand? “To inspire” is noble, but vague. I would like to try to use it to understand and explore the world. All the magic, all the beauty. I would like to try to use it to understand myself, and let others do the same. We’re all brave adventurers, we’re all epic heroes, we’re all warriors and explorers and magicians. And that’s what I love. That’s what I’d love to pursue.

I shall have to think on it some more, try to figure out what that means from a more practical standpoint. What shall I write about? How shall I inspire? Who knows, who knows?

I shall think on it. I have another post somewhat drafted anyways, so that’s at least a start, and then we shall see where this blog takes us. Hopefully somewhere pleasant :)

I also have a new banner image that I need to finish colouring that I’ve been working on for an actual year holy cow.

In any case, this post was basically just me putting out a blog post to prove I’ve not forgotten my poor dear blog. Sorry it’s not exactly eventful ^^’

But hey, there’s a comment box down below and I’ve dearly missed you. What adventures have you been up to?



18 thoughts on “A blog post with very little in it…

  1. I am in the same boat. I go to write these posts in my mind but draw a blank when the screen appears. I seem to have forgotten how to blog as well.

    I’ve been trying to wrap my head around the purpose for blogging as well and know I want it to be a positive place for interaction where you can escape the negativity of the world and feel happy just being you. And maybe inspiring others to embrace their inner imagination and creativity that they may have abandoned as they aged. But all of that seems so vague and there’s a part of me that doubts I’ll be able to even do that.

    And three years isn’t that bad. There’s still time to fix it up and finish it. I imagine Icelandic would be hard to learn.

    Any who, this is just me babbling and trying to say I definitely get it. You took all my thoughts and found a way to write them out. :)

    I hope we both remember how to blog and write and finish our stories!

    • Despite how vague it might be, I think the purpose you want your blog to have sounds really quite wonderful. Especially inspiring people to embrace their imagination and creativity. Those two things are so precious, but unfortunately so easy to forget.

      Yes, hopefully we shall get back on the blogging bandwagon! Just need a good burst of inspiration to get it going again :)

  2. Oh, Alex, you’ve named and shamed me! xD
    Indeed, I have been absent from my blog for months on end, and now I too have forgotten how to blog :S I just… cannot write blog posts at the moment, I don’t know what’s happened. Alas.
    I feel like I want to shift the purpose of my blog too, but I don’t really know. I’m just going to take a step back and let inspiration take the lead. I’ll find out what I’m doing eventually.
    I should give this Jónsi a listen! I listen to Árstíðir a lot, they are an Icelandic band :) Their name (árstíðir) actually means “seasons”.

    • Ahhh yeah, I know what you mean. I don’t know how I ever managed to write any posts at all, I feel so stuck. We shall figure it out. As you say, let inspiration take the lead.

      Ooh that sounds neat, perhaps I shall have to go give -them- a listen. They have a lovely band name :D

      • One of the first songs I heard of Árstíðir, and indeed it is still one of my absolute favourites, was Heiðin (The Heath) – Listen to it if ever you get the chance :)

          • Both of those songs are so gorgeous and soothing. It’s lovely sometimes to drift away to music where the words (which sound like poetry on their own in Icelandic) don’t matter, especially when the background music is as lovely as that <3

  3. I know too well that once you start a story it’s hard to finish (partly because a lot of me doesnt want to let go!)
    Also, I think it’s funny how your line ” “To inspire” is noble, but vague ” actually prompted and inspired me for a story of my own! So thank you :D And I wish you good luck in your blogging <3

    • It really is! Sometimes just being in the middle of the story is so much more comforting than reaching the end. I guess it’s this feeling that as long as you’re in the middle, there’s so much potential still left to discover. Ah well. Writing is a trying process, that’s for sure.

      Ahaha but I’m glad to hear that I’ve so inadvertently inspired you! Funny all the places inspiration can come from :D

  4. Hey there, I see this is a few months old, but I’d like to let you know I’ve been in the “forgotten how to blog” boat too. I’ve just restarted this month, and I am working very hard at writing posts while I have the time, and scheduling them for the future so that 1) I don’t fall into the trap of no new content for months and months again and 2) so that when people like or comment on a post, it gives me a kick in the rear to write again (seeing as how I’ll probably have fallen out of blogging again at some point.

    Anyway, I look forward to hearing from you again, be it a post of your own or a reply to this or a comment on my page. Let’s tackle this together :) and I’m always available via email for you!


    • Hey! It’s funny that you should comment now, given that I started writing a returning-to-blogging post a few days ago that I’ve had stashed in my drafts folder. I’m going to try what you suggest, getting some posts put away to schedule for the future and prevent long gaps. I’m glad to hear you’ve gotten back to blogging and I hope to join you soon. Thank you :)

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