Your Story Is Incredible

Another year ended, another Your Story project completed. It was a little messier than last year, I didn’t do half as much for it as I would’ve liked (story of my life, I know), but it still happened. That’s the important part–it happened, and the stories that I got to share were so incredibly important.

Stories of love and loss, stories of depression and hardship, stories of struggle and sacrifice and strength and success. Real stories. Your stories.

It’s kind of incredible, sometimes, to hear someone talk about the most significant memories they have and understand something so… so deep about them. Like… the people you see on the street, the people you work with–people who you don’t know all that well–they all have stories upon stories kept safe in their memories. Whether they’re fifteen or fifty, there’s some story they have to tell that’s just… real. Real and raw and important. And doing this project, hearing your stories… sometimes it really hits me just how incredible that is.

You guys are amazing. Your stories are amazing. Thank you so much for sharing them with me. Thank you so much for letting me share them with others.

I’d like to keep up the tradition and do this again in the summer, and I look forward to reading the stories yet to come. Thank you again for sharing your adventures with me. Keep inspiring others with your light.

Your Story 2015

Your Story 2014

May your struggles bring you strength.



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