Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween, my dear readers. Whether or not you celebrated, I hope that it was a lovely day for you.

I know Halloween means different things to different people, and I know that for some of you it means nothing at all, but I hope that you all can feel it. I hope you can all feel the magic of the night. The feeling of a warm candle’s flame in a sea of darkness. The feeling of safety amongst many fears.

I hope that you can feel that peace in your hearts, and that it lingers for a little while.

Tonight is the night that magic is strongest, and it will be a couple days yet until that magic fades again. So in the meantime, while the magic is still so strong, I hope that you can take the light of the jack-o-lanterns and capture it in a spell. Just a little spell will do, but let it be something to preserve that special peace. A spell you can summon on days with no candle flames. Something to bring you light in the darkness.

Weave a little witchcraft. Let the magic flow through you.

Take care.



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