Costume Crisis

Wow, times flies when you’re cramming for midterms. Can you believe Halloween is on Saturday? It’s only four days away. Four days. Are you going to dress up? If so, have you figured out your costume yet?

While I certainly hope you’ve got your costume all worked out (I acknowledge my hypocrisy and embrace it), never fear if you’re running late. Because I’m about to show you a whole bunch of wonderfully last-minute costumes that will save your procrastinating butt.

1. The No Costume Costume

Too busy to make a costume but want to pretend that you actually put some thought into
it? White t-shirt + black marker + beer (optional) = a cheap and easy “no costume” costume.


2. The Identity Thief

All this costume needs is some of those “Hello my name is…” stickers and a sense of humour. If you want to have even more fun, you can actually steal the name tags from other people and truly give the costume credibility.

3. If life gives you lemons…

You’re guaranteed to be a hit with this clever costume. Though I’d advise some caution, given what endings people have come up with for this saying… (I claim no responsibility if you try this costume and get pelted with lemons or have lemon juice squirted in your eyes.)

4. The Fruit of your Labour

Who wouldn’t want to be a bunch of grapes for Halloween? All you need is a bunch of purple balloons and some way to attach them to your body and you’re good to go.

5. Ceiling Fan

Get it? Ceiling fan? Hilarious, amirite?

6. Upside-Down Man

This is one of those costumes that will probably cost you $0 to make, but will undoubtedly cause you enormous sadness and discomfort when you actually try to wear it. How are you going to collect candy like that? How are you going to eat party food like that? I don’t know, but hey–you’ll definitely make people laugh.

7. Fork in the Road

It seems like if you’re going to make your costume last-minute, you need to have a certain sense of humour to pull it off. With a costume like this, you’d better be prepared to explain it to far too many people.

8. Brawny Man

A flannel shirt is all you need to be this popular paper towel icon. And also probably a roll of paper towels so people will understand.

9. Wilson

Ever watch the show Home Improvement? Remember Wilson, the neighbour whose face we never saw? You possibly have no idea who I’m talking about, but this costume is pretty fun anyways.

10. The Black Eyed Peas

Want to be a celebrity for Halloween but don’t want to put in the money or effort? Well with this simple costume you can be one of the Black Eyed Peas and potentially confuse all your friends.

10. Cereal Killer

Do you hate breakfast? Have no time for Halloween costumes? Want to get a few laughs? Then boy, do I have a costume for you.

11. Low Budget Man

Think you can’t be a superhero on a low budget? Well think again, because with this phenomenal Low Budget Man costume, you can fulfill (almost) all your superhero dreams.

12. Nudist on Strike

With this lovely costume, you can wear your regular clothes while still being fully in costume. Just look at how impressed the person beside them is!

12. Where’s Waldo?

Striped shirt, striped hat, some glasses you stole from the movie theatre, and there you go: a perfect Waldo. And then you can listen to people say “Where’s Waldo?” and pretend not to be able to see you for the rest of the night. Bonus!

13. Jellyfish

Attach some toilet paper to an umbrella, throw on your best tutu, and you’re a majestic jellyfish ready to wow the crowds. Bonus points if you’re cute.

14. Charlie Brown

This costume possibly works better (read: looks cuter) if you’re a small child, but all you really need is a yellow shirt with a black zigzag and you can pull off this classic character.

15. A Mask Fixes Everything

But if all else fails and you’re truly stuck for a costume, just get a Halloween mask and call it a day. If nothing else, you can mask your embarrassment at having procrastinated for so long.

Remember kids: whatever you decide, stay away from offensive costumes, respect real people and cultures, and have fun.

What are you going to be for Halloween?




One thought on “Costume Crisis

  1. Haha, these are all fabulous xD Some people really do have a sense of humour.
    I always find it so odd that it’s “Where’s Waldo” on your side of the pond. Do you know it’s “Where’s Wally?” here? I wonder why it’s a different name…

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