Who Wore It Better?: M-M-M-Mummies!

Before I begin: as I was typing out the title of the post, the first thing that popped into my head was some vague commercial jingle that I couldn’t for the life of me remember, and so I sat here for a good five minutes struggling to think of it. It is, in fact, the Chia Pets commercial.

I sincerely hope you now imagine the title of this post being sung with that tune.

Ahem. Anyways.

Firstly. I realize there are now less than ten days until Halloween. I realize I have very much been slacking in the Halloween posts. Apologies, apologies. I shall do my best to make up for it. I’ll give you so much Halloween content, you’ll probably cry! (Probably not.) All while simultaneously facing the horror of midterms and academic failure.

ALSO! Because I keep forgetting to publicly announce it: I have extended the deadline for Your Story until the end of the year. So you have no excuses plenty of time. I’ll resume posting entries after the chaos of October has ended. So yes.


It’s time for another edition of Who Wore It Better? This time with mummies. Ah yes, the wonderful dusty and shrivelly corpses of Egyptians with curses to spread and nothing but wrappings holding them together. It’s a costume that’s not only pretty creepy, but also serves to keep you nice and warm, all wrapped up like that.

Bring on the contestants!

  1. Nothin’ But TP

Out of time? Out of money? Well hopefully you’re not out of toilet paper, because a few rolls of TP are all you need to perfect your mummy costume. Cheap and easy, it’s really the perfect Halloween costume. And hey–what better way to keep your kids quiet than by swaddling them in three plies of the good stuff?

2. Grins and Giggles

While mummy wrappings can be pretty great on their own, sometimes you just need that extra something, y’know? This person has very cleverly added a skull mask–a simple but effective touch that really makes this classic costume shine. Bonus points for how gigantic the skull is compared to the body.

3. Pure-Blooded Pharaohs

These costumes are quite impressive. With some bling and a nice Egyptian flair, these costumes really capture what the mummy is all about. After all, you had to be pretty rad to be mummified. (That was a True Historical Fact.)

4. Dead as Dirt

Now this is a realistic costume. I mean, what do you think happens when you suck the brains out of a person’s nose, wrap them up, and leave them to dry out like a raisin for hundreds of years? They end up looking something like this.

5. Mummy?

Maybe I’m just suffering from midterm brain, but I’ll admit it took me longer than it should have to get the joke. Why are there so many pregnant women dressed up as mummies? I get it now. Mum. Mummy. Har har. Very clever.

So which mummy costume was the best of the best?

Happy voting, and may the best mummy win!



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