Who Wore It Better?: Spoopy Ghosties

There seem to be three types of costume people in the world: the go-getters, the play-it-safers, and the oh-my-god-I-forgot-to-get-a-costumers. Each of these types range vastly in their creativity when it comes to the costumes they produce, but there’s a lot of great things that can be done with the most classic Halloween costumes. You know the ones–ghosts, vampires, werewolves, politicians–the costumes everyone thinks of when they think of Halloween.

But not every classic costume is the same, oh no. Some go above and beyond, while some are downright terrible (though often hilarious). And that’s what this is all about. In Valourbörn’s first ever Who Wore It Better?, you decide which of these internet randoms had the best classic costume.

Ready? Let’s start with the simplest of designs: the spoopy sheet ghostie.

  1. Traditional Timmy

Ah yes, the most traditional of costumes. Grab a white sheet, cut a couple holes in it, throw it on your kid, and you’re good to go. The spoopy ghostie in its purest form!

2. The Gentleghoul

This ghostie is the next step up from the traditional form. With simply the addition of a rather dapper moustache, this costume is transformed into quite an affable guise.

3. Ghastly Go-Getter

This is the go-getter kind of costume person I was talking about. This takes the classic ghost costume to a whole other level and is really quite impressive.

4. Spooky Pooch

Why just be a ghost when you can be a dog and a ghost? This costume bravely breaks the mould by adding a stunning canine flair.

5. Creepy Creepers

Just a simple little twist can make the classic ghost costume rather creepy indeed. Wouldn’t want to meet this trio in a dark alley on Halloween night…

Now it’s your turn: Who Wore It Better?

Happy voting, and may the best ghost win!



3 thoughts on “Who Wore It Better?: Spoopy Ghosties

  1. Haha, so tempted to vote for the Traditional Timmy xD It’s just fabulous. And it always reminds me of Spongebob, for some unfathomable reason… That last one though, wow o_O That’s creepy. Incredibly disturbing, actually. Since it IS Hallowe’en, perhaps I should go with, y’know, the /scary/ option ;)

    • Can’t beat the classics :P Ahaha Spongebob though? Interesting. But yeah, it’s strange how the addition of the masks makes the costume so much creepier. A very cool idea, in any case.

      • Yeaahhhh, I think it’s because I saw a Spongebob episode once, a million years ago, that was about Hallowe’en and Spongebob went trick-or-treating as a ghost (i.e. just put a sheet over himself). Ahh, how Spongebob makes me giggle xD

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