September Struggles

Three more days of work guys. Three more days and then I’ll be free.

But wow. It’s September 2nd. I’m going to cheat and pretend it’s still the 1st because I haven’t gone to bed yet (not my fault I’m on night shift) so that I can say that there is officially one month left to submit stories for the Your Story project.

I know, I’ve been such crap at advertising and I think I emailed like… two people? I’ve been a-slackin’. But Your Story is happening this September. No matter what, it’s happening. I’ve already gotten some entries and would love some more. Flood me with stories! Give me more stories than I can beat back with a stick! Tell your friends! Your spouse! That random dude at the bus stop!

I’m also pre-emptively working on Villain Awareness Month stuff, so that should hopefully be good. I kind of want to do something in December but we shall see. It’s always something of a busy time of year.

Anyways. This post was really just me feeling bad that I haven’t said anything about Your Story. But it’s happening. I wanna read and share your stories. You have till the end of September. Guidelines are here. Tell everyone you know (pretty please?). Yes. Good.

Blegh. Can’t wait till I’m in a better schedule. Three more days. I can do it.

Take care :)



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