The Easter Bunny

Hi everyone, I hope you had a happy Easter and were able to spend it with people you love :)

As promised, I’m here with a special Easter post. This story was not what I originally intended to post today, but I ended up getting a heavy dose of inspiration this morning and couldn’t help but write it out.

The characters I used here are actually from a different short story that I haven’t posted anywhere yet, but they fit this story so well, I had to use them. I’m not sure how significant this story is exactly, since there’s not a whole lot of information about the characters (that’s explored more in the other story), and I feel like there almost isn’t a point to this story. It’s just a story of a pleasant Easter morning, so take from it what you will.

Anyways, I shall speak no more. I hope you had a peaceful weekend and that this week treats you well. Take care :)



The Easter Bunny

“Oh. You’re still awake?”

Hellen stood in the dining room doorway, surprised to see the light was on and her eldest son was working at the table. She came to stand by his chair, leaning over his shoulder to see what he was working on.

“Another commission,” Mason explained distractedly, chewing on his sweater drawstring as he worked. Hellen looked curiously at what he was drawing. It was some sort of punk kid, with dark dyed hair and edgy clothing and several piercings. The character was in a park, standing near a “No Dogs Allowed” sign with a mischievous smirk on his face.

“Is this one yours, or somebody else’s?” she asked as he fiddled with his drawing tablet and pressed a few keys on his laptop.

“Someone else’s,” he answered, spitting out the drawstring. He switched programs, pulling up a window with a reference picture of the other person’s character, and he pointed out some of the description written underneath. “The girl said he’s a demigod, from those Greek myths, and he’s basically like a dog whisperer. So she wanted me to draw him at the park next to the sign right before he summons a bunch of dogs. She said that’s how he meets another demigod, the one he falls in love with, because that demigod is related to Orpheus and can put the dogs to sleep.” He switched back to his drawing program and resumed his work, adding some shading to it. “It sounded cool actually. She said she writes stories. I might check them out when I’m done with her commission.”

Hellen nodded, not quite sure about all this demigod stuff but finding the general story interesting nonetheless. “Well don’t stay up too late,” she told Mason. “I have to hide all the chocolate and you know Sean will be waking you up early tomorrow morning. The Easter Bunny comes tonight, remember?”

He nodded and put the drawstring back in his mouth, foot tapping on his chair as he put all his focus into the drawing. Hellen left a kiss on top of his head and then went into the kitchen pantry, reaching up to the top shelf where she’d hidden the bag of Easter chocolates. She looked inside to make sure Mason hadn’t eaten any, which he fortunately hadn’t, and then set to work scattering them around the house.

She put some in obvious, easy-to-reach spots, like on tables and strewn along the hallway floors, so that Brooklyn and Sean would be able to collect them easily. Then she put others in much more difficult spots, like on top of doorframes or hidden in vases and drawers, so that she could challenge Mason and make him work for his chocolates. She couldn’t help but grin every time she tucked a chocolate egg into an especially tricky spot, one that she knew would take some thorough searching to find. It was amusing, watching her children scurry around all morning. And it was even more amusing teasing Mason when there was a chocolate nearby that she knew he couldn’t find.

Hellen made her way back to the dining room, being careful to hide Mason’s chocolates when he wasn’t looking. He was still working away at his commission, but now he was way zoomed in on it and messing around with some fine details around the face. “Are you working tomorrow?” he asked his mom, voice slightly muffled by the drawstring.

She sighed at his question. “I am. But not till two. So at least I get the morning.” Mason nodded in response and she asked in turn, “What about you?”

He took the drawstring out of his mouth and turned to face her. “Nah, hardware store’s been closed all weekend. D’you want me to take Sean and Brook to nana’s house then?”

Hellen smiled gratefully at him. “That would be much appreciated. She’ll probably have eggs to decorate or Easter cookies to make or something to keep them busy. She always does.”

Mason smirked. “At least then they won’t be bugging me.” He turned back around to keep working and Hellen took a deep, slow breath. Tomorrow wouldn’t be fun for her. It was amazing, really, how many people came to the drug store on Easter Sunday and how irritable they could be. At least her kids would be occupied.

Mason finished up with whatever he was doing and packed up the tablet and laptop for the night. Stretching out his back and shoulders, he gave his mom a small wave. “Night,” he said quietly, then made his way upstairs. Hellen paused to give him a tender smile and then continued with her chocolate distribution, making sure to hide a few extra tricky ones for Mason.


Sean squealed as he left his room and saw chocolate eggs scattered all around. The sound effectively woke the remaining members of the household better than any alarm clock ever could. Hellen was already technically awake, anticipating her youngest son’s early morning, and she grinned as she climbed out of bed and stepped out into the hall. Brooklyn was second to emerge from her bedroom, jumping up and down and chanting excitedly as she looked at all the sugar she could consume. Mason was much slower to come out of his bear den, and he was looking a bit groggy as he smoothed down his hair and yawned. Brooklyn and Sean charged downstairs, screaming and pushing each other and kicking chocolate eggs everywhere, and Hellen laughed with Mason as they followed at a more reasonable pace.

“The Easter Bunny came!” Brooklyn shrieked from the living room. She and Sean had found their Easter baskets sitting on the coffee table, stuffed with chocolate bunnies and jelly beans and lots of coloured Easter grass. They dug into them eagerly, Brooklyn howling like a gladiator every time she pulled out a new piece of chocolate, and emptied the candy onto the table so they could then use their baskets to collect the eggs throughout the house. Sean raced back upstairs while Brooklyn hit the main floor, and Mason just crashed on the couch with an amused snort at their excitement.

“Happy Easter,” Hellen said, handing him his own basket. There wasn’t as much in his as in the younger kids’, but she knew he liked the coconut cream eggs from the store downtown and she always got him a hollow chocolate bunny. There were some marshmallow bunnies in there too, covered in all shades of coloured sugar. It amused her how they turned his mouth different colours.

“Thanks mom, Happy Easter,” he said happily, immediately cracking into one of the marshmallow eggs while the pounding of small feet sounded through the house. He always let the kids go first, collecting whatever chocolates they could reach, and then gathered up whatever ones they left behind for him.

“Coffee?” Hellen asked, standing, and Mason nodded. She went to the kitchen to make up a pot and had to dodge Brooklyn’s frantic gathering.

“So much chocolaaaaaate!” Brooklyn screeched, showing her mom how many eggs she’d collected in her basket, and Hellen laughed.

“Looks like the Easter Bunny was good to you this year!” she said. “Santa must have said good things about you!” But Brooklyn wasn’t listening, having already moved onto the next chocolate egg. Hellen grinned with amusement. Their grandmother would be in for quite the sugar rush that afternoon.

She was just putting the grinds in the coffee maker when Sean started wailing. Concerned, she stepped out into the dining room, following the sound, and saw that Sean was standing by the china cabinet, reaching up with both hands towards a chocolate egg perched on top. It was wrapped in gold foil and it was obvious why he wanted this shiny prize.

“That one’s for Mason, honey,” Hellen said, hoping to placate him, “but there are more in the living room. I think there’s even a nice gold one in there for you.”

“But I want it!” Sean whined, standing on his toes to try to get it. He had his heart set on that little gold egg so Hellen shook her head and went over to get it for him

But as she reached out to take it down, he wailed louder. “Nooo! I want it!”

“Well, honey, I’m going to get it for you,” she explained, perplexed, but still he complained.

“Nah, he’s gotta get it himself,” Mason said, coming up behind them from the living room, having heard their debate. “He’s a big kid. He can get it himself.”

Then, like any good brother should, he hoisted Sean up on his shoulders and let him reach out and grab the egg himself. Sean then spotted another egg, on top of the door frame, and kicked his feet against Mason’s chest, pointing eagerly towards it. Mason carried him over, touring the room until Sean had collected all the chocolates in plain sight. Brooklyn saw them then and wanted a turn, so Mason dutifully took her through the living room so she could get the eggs out there.

When both kids were happy, they crashed on the big couch and started breaking into their chocolates, babbling excitedly to one another and trading eggs based on the colours of the foil wrappers. Hellen finished with the coffee as Mason went on a hunt for the more difficult eggs, and then he joined her in the kitchen as she served out two steaming mugs.

“We should start calling you the Easter Bunny,” she teased, getting the milk from the fridge.

Mason smirked. “Nah, I don’t look good with rabbit ears. Besides, that’s your job.”

Hellen stirred her coffee and smiled. “I guess so.” She took a sip, then lowered the mug. “Thanks for your help today,” she said softly, “taking the kids to nana’s and all.”

Mason shrugged. “It’s fine.” He too took a sip and then added a bit more sugar. “Do you want me to pick something up for dinner? For when you get home? I guess you’re working late…”

Hellen shook her head. “It’s appreciated, but not necessary. Knowing nana, she’ll send something home.”

“True.” They both drank some coffee, quiet for a moment.

Then Hellen put a kiss on Mason’s head. “Happy Easter, love,” she whispered, and then ventured out to the living room, where the screaming and laughter was getting just a little bit rowdier.




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