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*deep, gathering breath* So. It’s been a while, again. You know the excuse by now–school. Gross. But my last day of classes was on Thursday and I just have to finish up exams this week and then I am a freeee bird.

(I am ridiculously tired. Bear with me.)

I have so so so much to catch up on. You bloggers have been keeping busy, so I have a bazillion posts to read, and that’ll take a few days. And this blog is a disaster (don’t even look in the menu tabs. Just don’t. It’s a war zone in there.) so that’ll need fixing up. And I think I need to sleep. But at this exact moment in time I’m feeling a-okay and rather productive, so here’s a fun little pre-Easter post for you all!

It’s called the 777 Writing Challenge, and the rules of this challenge are as follows:

The 777 challenge requires you go to Page 7 of your work-in-progress, scroll down to Line 7 and share the next 7 lines in a blog post. Once you have done this, you can tag 7 other bloggers to do the same with their work-in-progress.

I was tagged by none other than the wonderful Jennifer K. Marsh, who shared lines from her second book in the Ilimoskus series. Lovely stuff, and I am very excited for this book to come out!

Now, as for my book. Oi. Haha. We are on… fairly decent terms right now, my book and me. It’s feeling a little neglected because I haven’t written in a while, but I wrote some good material yesterday so my characters were made happy again. I’m still not much farther than when I failed my goal of finishing before Christmas, but that’s okay. Because I swear to the heavens above, this draft is getting finished this summer. In May, or June. And I’m not kidding. I’ve spoken to my characters and they agree that extraneous tasks such as eating, sleeping, and socializing should only be done after the draft is finished. So I should theoretically have plenty of time for writing.

(I’m going to die, but at least it’ll be done.)

Now, as for this 777 challenge. I went and looked at the 7th page and the 7th line and I am stunned by how booooring they are. Haha, they honestly are probably the most boring lines in the whole book. I don’t even know if they’ll make the next cut. But hey, here they are regardless:

It was almost 2:30, which meant my mom would be home in a half hour. I remembered my messy room and went upstairs to tidy it up before she got home. I wonder what Hannah’s room looks like right now, I thought, unable to stop myself. Trying to ignore the sick feeling it put in my stomach, I climbed the stairs faster than before.

 My room really did need a good cleaning, I realized when I entered. In the past few weeks, I’d been so busy with homework and projects leading up to exams, as well as helping out with the school play as a prop designer, that I had usually been too tired or rushed to take the time to tidy my room. I hadn’t realized just how badly it had piled up until I took a good look at it now.

 Wow. So fascinating. Her room is yucky. And wow, this Hannah girl, wonder what her room looks like. *sigh* Haha, these lines certainly aren’t selling my novel :P

I guess in context, these lines become much more important. Like this Hannah girl–she just fell ill with a violent and incurable disease, right in front of the protagonist’s nose. So my protagonist can’t help but think of her, and think of what her room looks like, and realize that her room is probably a normal looking room because anybody can get this disease. And that scares her a hell of a lot.

The fact that my protag’s room is messy is also much more significant in context, acting as a physical representation of a mental state of being. She has had so much worry piling up on her, it’s like her mind is becoming more and more cluttered until she can’t see the metaphorical floor. And just outside this snippet, we see that she fails to clean her room, finding it too overwhelming a task.

Then there’s how busy she is, with homework and exams and helping out with the play. She (like myself) sucks at juggling so many things without becoming stressed out. She wants to get good grades and do good work, and she wants to help out others and lend a hand where she can, but it quickly becomes too much for her. And that’s a significant character “flaw” later on in the novel.

This scene itself is probably going to get changed in the next round of editing, I’m not gonna lie. But I do suppose it is important. It’s interesting to me, actually, to look at the first five chapters of the book, because they’re all mostly like this–my character going through daily life even though daily life is quickly falling apart. I have this forced normalcy vibe going on that really reflects the stuff going on in my protag’s head.

I find it fascinating, all these subtle things that influence my characters in a non-obvious way, and that’s probably the only reason I actually put up with editing :P But anyways, hope my snippet wasn’t too boring ;)

As for the people I’m gonna tag, how about… Olivia, TJ, Emerald, and Airlia. Something fun you can do if it interests ya :)

(I was supposed to tag 7 people but I couldn’t think of anyone else…)

I shall be back tomorrow to write something for Easter, but till then, have a good night everyone. Try to rest up. Take care :)



5 thoughts on “The 777 Writing Challenge

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  2. Hey, thanks for the tag! :) I ran into the same problem- the lines I had to use were the most boring pieces of dialogue in my story! It was supposed to be awkward and short so I guessed it served it’s point, but still not the good stuff :P
    I’m glad to see you back on the site! Hopefully you too can write more once school is finished :)

    • Ah, no problem! Haha this challenge certainly didn’t help showcase our best stuff, did it? Yeah, I’m hoping so. I have all these ideas buzzing around in my head and am soooo very close to having the time to write them :)

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