Happy Birthday Valourbörn!

Guess what everybody?

*throws confetti and streamers*

Valourbörn is two years old!

*blows party horn*

*throws more confetti*

*falls face-first on floor and rolls away*

Haha, VB actually turned two on February 20th, and I definitely wanted to have this post up way back then, rather than now, but guess who got busy with school and then got sick and then got even busier with school? This girl!

But hey, I endured, and I’m still kicking. And I’m mostly healthy now, so let’s get this party started!

*blows party horn again and throws some more confetti for good measure*

There have actually been a lot of birthdays going on in the past couple weeks. Two of my best friends celebrated at the beginning of March, and one especially big dork just had her birthday a few days ago. And by “one especially big dork” I naturally mean my sister. Birthdays for everyone!

(And on a side note, why is it that people younger than you having a birthday makes you feel older than when you have your own birthday? What is this nonsense?)

But seriously, two years don’t seem like much, but just the past year alone has been an incredibly important one for me. I grew enormously as an individual and there were a lot of growing pains to go with that. But in that time I really came to appreciate not only the amazing people (that’s you guys) who have come into my life, but also the incredible world I have created for myself. I still have a long way to go, but I am so much closer to where I need to be. It’s a good feeling.

Honestly, I love you guys. I wish I could have a big celebratory party and invite you all over for cake and just chat with you and laugh and do fun party things. Because you’re awesome people and you mean the world to me. If you’ve ever left a nice comment or even went as far as an email, I hope you realize just how grateful I am for it. The support, the friendship, just the connection is a beautiful thing and it means so much to me. It’s times like these when I am so grateful for the expansive power of the internet. To think that I never would’ve met any of you without it… I don’t even want to imagine.

I started this blog as a young would-be adventurer trying to figure out who she was and where she was going. Now, two years later, I’m a much more confident adventurer with a list of the places I’ve been and the places I have yet to go. I’m perhaps still figuring out the map, but it helps that I’ve got new friends to travel with. I don’t think I’ll be getting lost any time soon.

To celebrate this truly momentous occasion, I decided to make a little video. I thought it would be fun. I forgot how much I hate making videos. But I made it nonetheless, so I shall let you see for yourselves what it’s all about. Enjoy :D

Sorry for the cuts, I was not the most eloquent in this video so there were parts that needed to go :P But man, I recorded this literally the day before I got sick and my voice turned to crap. That’s pretty lucky.

Anyways, thanks again, all of you, for sticking around and being awesome and helping make Valourbörn what it is. I really do appreciate all of it.

I look forward to seeing what this next year shall bring. Take care everyone :)



10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Valourbörn!

  1. *dances under confetti* Woo, Happy birthday Valourborn! :D Here’s to many more years ^^

    What a lovely video. Can I just say I got ridiculously excited upon hearing your voice. Like, ridiculously. I always do when I hear internet/blogging friends for the first time. I’m such a fangirl for voices (is there such a thing? There is now). I like the Canadian accent – it’s much gentler than American. Certain American ones can make me wince. It’s a privilege to journey through life with you and your blog ^^

    You know we’ve been talking for two years now. Can you believe that?? It’s so surreal to think we can have such long-standing connections with people purely through the internet! As many issues this modern world has, it also has many blessings, and friendship through technology (or indeed ease of communication) is one of them.

    Keep growing, learning, evolving throughout your wonderful adventure.

    • Haha thanks Jenny! :D Ahaha really? This shoddy voice? :P I know what you mean, though. There’s something downright magical about hearing the voices of people who ordinarily only communicate with written word. Pfft, glad you like my accent though ;) Man, if you want a real Canadian accent, listen to one of my old high school teachers speak. I don’t even know how to describe what makes his accent so darn Canadian, but it really is. Ahh we totally have, haven’t we? Doesn’t feel like nearly that long, but yeah, incredible the friendships that form! Thank you, thank you. I look forward to seeing where it takes us :)

      • Oh, come now, your Canadian accent isn’t anywhere near as awful as the English one. It is just unreal how posh we sound all the time, without even trying. Just take the Harry Potter films as prime example. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nAQBzjE-kvI <- classic.
        Haha, way back when we had a Canadian teacher in our school called… Miss Schebesh?? (heaven knows if I spelt that right, what a strange surname). Oh, how her accent stood out a mile, as I'm sure you can imagine. Speaking of, actually: we also had an American supply teacher called Mr. Rassmussen and his accent was just… good grief. Hilarious. SO strong. He also had a habit of swearing at us all ;) – by which I mean he stuck his two fingers up, though in this country that is the equivalent of the middle finger. "I SAID TWOOOO! *swears in your face*" Ahh, the giggles we had. He also pronounced one of my friend's surnames wrong in the register ALL the time and it was just too funny. 'Mobaraki', which he pronounced, "mo-ba-REE-kee". Now I think about it, I'm wondering why we had so many foreigners in our school situated in our humble little town.

        It will take us to great places, I'm sure! Just keep digging deep, keep holding onto that inner strength no matter how tough things get.
        If I ever find myself in Canada, I'll make a detour your way ;)

        • Hahaha weeell you English-accented folks dooo sound a little posh… :P I tease. But really, I’m quite fond of your accent. Some words sound so much /nicer/ when said in an English accent. Accents in general are so fascinating though. It’s so strange and neat how one word can sound so unique depending how it’s said. And some pronunciations just sound right.

          Hahaha sounds like you’ve had some interesting experiences with foreign teachers :P Oh supply teachers. Always seems to be some sort of story when a sub is teaching a class.

          But yes, we shall tough it out. Through thick and thin. And good! I expect to be hearing from you, should you ever wander over this way :)

          • Accents are so fascinating. Even accents within the same country! And the UK has got to be one of the most diverse for that. So, so fascinating. I studied UK accents at college, actually. Something that always, always makes me smile (laugh) with certain American accents in the way they go “TOOOOOS-day”, for example. “MOOOOOO-sic” Hilarious. Bless their cottons ;)

  2. Congrats on hitting that two year mark! I just recently hit my own crazy anniversary at four years and it really makes you go… Really? It’s been that long? I’m glad I came across your blog awhile ago and I hope that despite all the adventures you’ve had, that you’re planning many, many more!

    • Thanks! Congrats on your own blog birthday! :D Haha it’s amazing how time flies. I am indeed planning many more adventures and I am much looking forward to them! :)

  3. Happy birthday Valourbörn!! *claps hands and jumps up and down*
    Two years? Really? My blog is almost two years too… and I’m about to turn 25… God, time flies!!
    Still, as a reader, your blog is a real joy, and your personality shows up wonderfully.

    By the way, you look really beautiful and young in the video.

    I wish you many returns Valourbörn, keep it up dear Alex!!!!!

    (Did I overuse the !!!!!!!!!!!?” I think I did XD )

    • Woo, thank you!!! :D

      Haha right?! Amazing how the years speed by when you’re not paying attention :P But thank you so much for all your compliments, I really appreciate it :)

      (And you can never use too many!!!!!!!!!!!! :P)

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