Another NaNoWriMo Done and Dusted

Hey everyone! I’m still studying for my chem exam so I’ll have to make this quick, but I just wanted to deliver the exciting news I promised!

winnerbrownorangeYep, I won NaNoWriMo :D Despite the hiccups, I managed to maintain fairly steady progress at the end and go all the way to 50k. It feels good, to have written so much of a story that I really have come to love over the past 30 days. It feels good, to know that I now have a raw piece of potential that I can sculpt into a great story. It feels good to be done.

But it’s also very sad. I always miss the spirit of frenzy and camaraderie (sometimes in misery) that accompanies writing 50 000 words in one month with thousands of other writers around the world. November is really my all-time favourite month (yes, even better than October!) and it’s sad when I have to say goodbye for another year.

Haha, but I won’t have much time to linger on my longing! I shall discuss why in a later post, when I go through NaNoWiMo more thoroughly, but let me just say that tomorrow I will be launching right back to work with another, potentially more taxing writing project. I will be busy busy busy.

Anyways, I hope that all those out there who did NaNoWriMo are proud of yourselves for taking up the challenge, no matter how many words you wrote. You are all winners :D

G’night everyone. Happy December ;)



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