Catch Up With Alex: Part 2

Ready for part 2? This one has lots of gifs, so you’d best be ready for it!

Homework: The Curse of the Group Project

Oh yes. Homework. Does the word give you shivers? It should. I’ve been fighting off lots of projects and whatnots, which is why I fell behind with NaNoWriMo of course. And one of those nasty projects was a group project, which is the nastiest kind of nasty project there is.

My reaction when I found out we had to work in groups.

Especially when your group has bad communication. Argh. We had to give our presentation this morning at 11.00, and so we all hopped online a couple hours beforehand to make last-minute preparations. Now, it was 8.30 in the morning and I am not a morning person, so when one of my group mates started giving me sass, I was not having any of it.

You can take your sassy ass and leave, thanks.

Then I just about lost it on another group mate. Part of my responsibility was to put together a concept map addressing each of the aspects of the virus (we were researching the effects of Hantavirus on humans) that our group looked at. It was a pain to put together, especially because I had to whittle down everyone else’s info. So it wasn’t something I was able to make changes to at 9.30 in the morning when I needed to leave the house at 10.00. But my lovely group mate decided she would point out this one tiny word on the map she wanted me to change, which WASN’T EVEN HER PART OF THE INFORMATION. I had to grit my teeth and explain calmly to her that it wasn’t actually her part and I wasn’t going to change it, which she would’ve known if she’d actually come to group meetings.


I hate group work.

But I totally slayed that presentation, so yay for that!

Take that, group project!

But now that my group project is done, I have a much more pressing matter to attend to: my chemistry exam.

The Tale of the Terrible Term Tests

My chem exam is on Dec. 1st. And I’m freaking out.

The information we’re learning right now is organic chem, and this is the content we were learning in grade 12 when I got so sick I thought I was going to die. Therefore, I don’t know it very well—not as well as I should. Honestly, I don’t feel like I know any  chemistry as well as I should. And it’s making me want to cry. Every time I look at example problems, I want to cry. Because chemistry is literally terrifying me right now and I don’t think I can handle it.

I mean, if I had to describe me trying to do chemistry, I would say it looks something like these following gifs:

So I might have my cry, and freak out a bit, but then I’m just going to have to hit the books and do my damn best to learn it. Chemistry is a dragon. I am a knight. There’s a risk I’ll be burned to a crisp but I’ve got to fight, no matter what.

Oh yes, I will rise.

I will be a hot mess, but I will emerge victorious.

Haha, but calculus isn’t going that well either to be quite honest. I understand it for the most part, but sometimes a question comes along that I don’t even know how to handle. Guess I’ll be hitting those books too.

What is math?

Oi. So there’s my homework rant. I am not looking forward to exams, at all, whatsoever, except for my bio exam because I really really love bio. And what’s more? I get to take TWO bio courses next semester! Yes!

Procrastination: Strong As Ever

Of course, the more work I know I have to do, the more I want to procrastinate. These very posts are testament to that. Just think of what I could’ve done if I’d actually attempted studying rather than searching up all these gifs. Oh, the possibilities.

But I think you can agree that this is a pretty good use of my time, yeah? You all get to read these lovely posts, after all!

And there’s this small rebellious part of me that whispers “is that right?” every time my teachers tell me I should be studying.

But more seriously, I actually read something recently that said that we procrastinate because of fear or uncertainty. Considering how I feel about chem, I don’t doubt it, ugh.

And on an unrelated note, it’s officially winter here, whether we want it to be winter or not. The good news though is I’ve got snow tires so I feel like the queen of the road (not really). Bad news is I have to scrape off my car just the same as everyone else.

But I will persevere, through the studying and the snow. And I’ll get through it all somehow, won’t I?

I may need to call in the stunt double though. “How do you feel about writing a chemistry final?”

I’m sorry if I broke your computers with all the gifs. I’m not sorry if I annoyed you. I had fun. And it’s images like these that keep me sane:

Maybe sane isn’t the right word.

How’s your life, dear readers?

May you handle all the craziness in your life with the ferocity of a dragon. Or a dragon-fighter.


P.S. I also had absolutely delicious potatoes yesterday. Jenny knows what I’m talking about ;)


8 thoughts on “Catch Up With Alex: Part 2

  1. Group projects are THE WORST! I recently had one and I thought I was going to cry! I had to go through and fix everyone’s citations and bibliographies because no one wrote theirs. I feel your pain, my friend.
    Good luck with your Chemistry exam! Even if you don’t feel confident, I am sure you will kick that dragon’s butt! Also, I understand your pain. Chemistry is the worst DX At least the GIFs are keeping you sane (BTW, nice GIFs, they are flawless)

    • That sucks! I hate when your mark depends on someone else/you have to do their work for them–it so isn’t fair, especially when you’re paying so much for the course.

      Ah, thank you. I’ll be learning a crap ton of chem in the next few days, that’s for sure! Haha thank you as well, I quite enjoyed picking them out :P

  2. Loving all the Phineas and Ferb gifs haha!
    Good luck on all your exams! I know how you feel I’ve had three papers due in a 6 day period; I’ve completed one…. and then I have exams for all my courses which is of course stressful!
    Anyways, best of luck to you and congrats on your NaNoWriMo progress :)

  3. You show that chemistry exam who’s boss! ;) Group projects suck so much, namely because you have to work with… *whispers* people… The dreaded ‘p’ word. I used to adore chemistry, but the projects and exams were just a nightmare, I agree. But hey, you’ve nearly conquered it! Just keep reminding yourself.

    Haha, so eager for some warm, crispy roast potatoes now! Yum. <- That will never get old. Did you know, Sam's accent is from the west country of the UK, which is my neck of the woods ;) Just thought I'd share that with you.

    • Yes! I shall destroy it mercilessly! *hiss* People… igh. How awful. It really is a shame how such an interesting subject can be ruined by marking schemes. Yes! I can see the light! And best part: after next semester, I’ll never have to take it again. Only wonderful, wonderful animal bio.

      That video brings me so much joy, oh my goodness. Ooh fun fact! Haha that’s cool :D

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