Valourbörn’s Got Villains: The Black Knight


*cue cheesy game show music*

Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, baddies and ne’er-do-wells, to the final installment of VALOURBÖRN’S GOT VILLAINS!

In this round, we’re taking a look at The Black Knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail!

He might not have won the fight, but it doesn’t make him any less of a villain!

Frightening Features:

  1. Bucket Helmet: you can’t see inside it and he probably can’t see out of it, but that’s what makes this practical helmet so effective! Easily made from an upturned bucket, it instantly turns the Black Knight into a faceless adversary who feels neither pain nor emotion.
  2. Stoic Demeanour: people are naturally intimidated by those who are cool and removed, and the Black Knight pulls this off brilliantly, refusing to speak for the first several seconds of his appearance on screen.
  3. Sacred Duty: some villains focus on taking over the world, but the villains whose sole purposes in life are to be obstacles barring the success of the good guys are seriously underrated. What’s not to hate about someone who blocks your way? What’s not evil about someone who exists just to prevent you from succeeding?
  4. Invincibility to Pain: most of the villains in the world aren’t that bad because they can be beaten. They feel pain, they’re hindered by injury, and they can eventually be defeated. The thing that makes the Black Knight so terrifying, however, is that he doesn’t feel pain. He doesn’t flinch when he loses his limbs. He just keeps on going.
  5. Die-Hard Spirit: and when I say the Black Knight doesn’t feel pain, I mean it. Even when all his arms and legs have been chopped out and he’s bleeding all over the place, he’s still determined to keep fighting. Really, if you just keep trying long enough, how could you possibly fail at being evil?

Tragic Past:

Um. Well. The Black Knight doesn’t have much of a past at all, really, but I’m sure if he did, it would be tragic.

Evil in Action:

So what’s this Black Knight guy all about, anyways?

Nothing can keep him down!

So now, let’s hear the audience’s opinion:

 This is how voting works: you can vote as many times as you like for your favourite Black Knight feature. Then, on November 11th, the results of the voting will be unveiled with a super sneaky project I have planned.

Happy Villain Awareness Month!



2 thoughts on “Valourbörn’s Got Villains: The Black Knight

  1. Deary me, The Black Night. Hilarious.

    “Look, you stupid bastard, you’ve got no arms left!”
    “Yes I have.”
    “It’s just a flesh wound.”

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