Happy Halloween!

Well my dear readers, the night I’ve been waiting all year for has finally arrived. I hope that you all had a splendid Halloween, no matter what you did with your day :)

I wanted to write a full post tonight but, alas, I’m too tired and have to work in the morning :P Boo. So I’m off to dreamland.

But… you know, it is the witching hour right now. And me being such a believer in magic, I really couldn’t let it go to waste. So before I sleep, I plan to make the most of this magical hour.

I shall write something, by hand. Because truly, I have found no more astonishing magic in my life than the magic of creation. Specifically, the magic of writing.

So I’m off to weave some spells before this glorious night fades.

Take care, everyone. Go craft some magic!



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