Costume Conundrum

I still seem to be having difficulties deciding what costume I should wear this Halloween. I want to be something cool that I’m really passionate about, like an awesome video game character or an elf from Lord of the Rings, but I also need a costume that can be made with everyday clothing and will be relatively inexpensive.

And so naturally, as one always does when one is faced with a conundrum such as this, I Googled it.

One of the results I found was quite interesting. It’s Huffington Post’s collection of what they thought were the best Halloween costumes of 2013. Looking at their selections, I could definitely picture myself wearing one of those amazing, creative costumes! I thought I’d share some of my favourites for your enjoyment.

Now I just can’t decide which one of these outstanding creations I should pick…

Violet Beauregarde (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)

This whimsical look brings back fond childhood memories. I may not be able to fit through any doors, but I could certainly roll or bounce through the party, providing endless entertainment for my friends.

Adam and Barbara (Beetlejuice)

These costumes are really quite fantastic! I have a strange sort of repulsed love for this movie and think it would be pretty cool to be able to see from my fingertips (or my tongue).

Flo (Progressive Insurance commercials)

Have you seen the commercials featuring this lovely gal? It seems that vampire Flo is hip with the kids! Who can blame them? Nothing’s cooler than getting a great deal for your car and home and boat and kid and cat and hamster insurance–all bundled into one package, of course!

Gru and Minion (Despicable Me)

This heartwarming tale of an evil scientist and his yellow minions is a crowd pleaser and after all, nothing says Halloween quite like mad science! Best part is, the costume is simple and cheap–yellow hoodie and a handful of pipe cleaners and you’re good to go.

Cousin Itt (The Addams Family)

I’m not sure where he got all that hair from, but this costume is a classic and looks easy enough to make.

Jack and Sally (Twas the Nightmare Before Christmas)

Now this costume is cool. These two grim characters are Halloween icons and would make a great costume for any party (even birthday parties).

Buddy (Elf)

These two might’ve gotten their holidays mixed up, but hey, they get points for trying.

Han Solo and Princess Leia (Star Wars)

These two are really lookin’ fly. What’s cooler than outer space and one of the most renowned sci-fi series of all time? Best of all, there’s such a great message here to never be afraid to live out your dreams.

Mermaid Man (SpongeBob)

Halloween is a time when evil is at its worst, so what better costume to choose than your favourite superhero?! It makes perfect sense to me.

Sharknado (Sharknado)

There’s some popular movie out called “Sharknado” that people seem to find cool, so embrace the horror of the funnel cloud sharks and try out this fun and creepy costume!

Green Army Men

This one looks like it might be a little difficult to replicate but those green army men toys were (and still are) pretty dang awesome. (Just don’t expect to do much trick-or-treating…or walking at all, really…)

The Simpson Family (The Simpsons)

This is for people who want to creep out their friends and neighbours. Halloween tip: ginormous googly eyes add extra scare points to ANY costume.

Jet Pack Guy

Honestly, this is just the perfect excuse to wear sparkly pants.


Simple, understated, timeless. And a big hit on the subway.

The Mad Hatter (Alice in Wonderland)

This costume is super cool. It looks like it requires some investment, but the look is totally worth it!

Lego Guy

Have a cardboard box at home? How about a garbage can? Slap on some paint and you’ve got the perfect Lego costume.

Lydia (Beetlejuice)

Another fantastic character portrayal from this fantastic movie! Perfect for a creepy costume.

I’m not sure I managed to solve my costume conundrum, but with all these amazing costumes out there, I’m sure to find inspiration for the perfect disguise.

What are you dressing up as, or what would you dress up as if you could be anything at all?

May you solve your costume conundrums quickly, before Halloween is truly upon us.



9 thoughts on “Costume Conundrum

  1. I won’t be dressing up Halloween because we don’t have Halloween here. However, I think you should go with the jack and Sally thing. If you’re a boy (I can’t tell- I know a lot of Alex who are girls) you can go with wolverine. All you have to do is grow a beard, gel up your hair, wear a white shirt underneath a leather jacket and buy the fake nails/whatever is on his hands!

    • Ooh, I find it very interesting to come across someone who lives where Halloween isn’t celebrated. Growing up in a country where it’s such a big deal, it’s very easy to go around thinking everybody celebrates it, haha! It’s neat to hear other worldly perspectives though :D

      Yeah, those Jack and Sally costumes are pretty darn impressive! Ooooh, Wolverine would be cool… but alas, I am a girl :P I’m not quite as ripped as Hugh Jackman… inflatable abs maybe?

          • A friend of mine went to a Halloween party as poison ivory in a green gown with a face paint of some really cute design. Or maybe you can just wear those eye masks? What do you call them again?

          • Oooh now that sounds like a wicked cool costume! Oh um are you talking about the superhero masks? With the weird name? I think they’re called domino masks…

          • No! Oops sorry. I was talking about masquerade masks. Ever tried that? You can even make one, if you have got time.

          • Ohhhhhhh okay yes I know what you’re talking about! I think I made one once when I was really young, like six or something. It would be fun to make one now though–not too difficult but it can have an awesome effect :D

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