The Goreys: A Halloween Vlog

Ahh, I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I’ve been busy studying hard for my math term test tomorrow! For those who are interested, I’ve finally learnt how to do fractional exponents without a calculator. And I’ve finally grasped all the log and ln rules… I didn’t even know what “ln” was till about a week ago.

Aaaanyways since I don’t have time for a proper post, here is a YouTube channel I found called “The Goreys” doing a video a day for the month of October! It seems pretty interesting. I’ve embedded the first one talking about Halloween lore, and a brilliant one about jack-o’-lanterns. I promise once I’ve finished passed my term test, I shall actually write a proper post. Until then, enjoy the videos :)


9 thoughts on “The Goreys: A Halloween Vlog

  1. Naww, I love how I already knew everything the man said in the first video ;) Though, pretty sure America only got Halloween because of the Irish/British going over to the Americas, and so they continued with their traditions – he kind of made it sound like Halloween just… happened… over there. AND, apparently, so I’ve read, the Pagans used to carve turnips (’cause pumpkins didn’t grow over here) and light them with candles to ward away evil spirits, but when they went to America they didn’t have any turnips so they used pumpkins instead. I probably told you that last year, and if I did, I apologise for repeating myself ;) I hate Halloween, I really do. Hahaha. At least I don’t have to spend it in America this year, and basically have a mental breakdown every time I step outside due to the sheer mass of Halloween-related things :P

    • Haha you smart cookie you! Ahh yeah his info isn’t quite 100%, but oh well, what can ya do? ;) Hmm… either you told me the pumpkin thing or I read it elsewhere… doesn’t matter either way, I love Halloween lore :) Haha well there you go, at least you can hate it in peace, yeah? :P

      • YAY for learning fun Halloween lore! ;) I am such a fact hoarder.
        Haha, indeed! Good old UK, not celebrating Halloween quite like the rest of the world does. I might take it upon myself to sit by candlelight and meditate in the non-Halloween peace ;)

        • Facts are so fun though especially when you find just the right moment to spit one out!

          Mm, meditation sounds very nice. I shall have to visit the UK some time around Halloween to go back to where it all started :)

          • I feel you may be horribly disappointed! There really isn’t much that goes on around here around Halloween. Well.. There are some things, but it’s nothing compared to your side of the pond! Ironic really, since, as you say, it all started here. Though, if you’re ever here around Halloween, you’re bound to notice stuff for BONFIRE NIGHT. Best day of the year <3 Stay for bonfire night, it's much better ;)

          • Ah but see I’m thinking the quiet might be nice for a change, to kind of slow down the rapid pace that Halloween has always had for me. But YES, bonfire night! I have heard only the most wonderful things about this night (mostly from you, haha :P) and would LOVE to come to see it!

          • This is true. It’s nice to get different perspectives every now and then. I mean, as much as I hated the American Halloween, it was certainly very very interesting to experience it first hand! Massive culture shock, though :P It’s kind of crazy how similar, yet how different, the US and UK are.

            Haha, why of course you’ve only heard wonderful things about Bonfire Night ;) It is marvellous. Such an atmosphere! Maybe one day you’ll experience it, eh :)

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