Your Story Doesn’t End Here

This is it, the official end to the Your Story project I hosted on Valourbörn this August. This is the big THE END stamped so definitively on the final page. It is the closure, the sign that there will be no more.

But it isn’t the end, not really, because your story is your life, and ever it marches onwards at a soldier’s pace.

Looking back at this project, I’m so glad I did it. First of all, I got to know several of my blogging friends better, which is always such a precious thing. And second, I was so humbled to have been trusted to share some of the emotional, raw, and powerful stories of people’s lives.

For this project, I sent out personal emails to each of the bloggers I’d come to know in my time on WordPress, telling them about my project and asking if they would be willing to participate. I left it open-ended. They could’ve written about that one hilarious time when they sneezed with a mouth full of soup or about the tragic funeral of their first pet goldfish. It could’ve been anything, even the most insignificant thing. Perhaps that was what I was expecting. I certainly didn’t expect anyone to volunteer their heart and soul.

But yet they did.

From stories of overcoming the worst to one of self-discovery in the wildest of ways. From reaching rock bottom and coming out alive to finding the stars in the night sky. From childhood enchantment and lifelong inspiration to all of the things that make us so uniquely us. Every story I received was one told straight from the heart.

And I was humbled to receive those stories partly because I was being trusted to present them to the world, and partly because I have the honour of knowing these wonderful people.

To everyone who contributed their stories, thank you a thousand times over. You are all heroes. Your strength, your courage, your valour is incredible. It was an honour working with you, and it continues to be an honour being your friend.

Your story doesn’t end here. It continues on well beyond the final THE END. You will continue to do amazing things, overcome times of hardship, defy fear and weakness. You will continue to be heroes. I can’t wait to see where your stories will take you, and I know there will be more people to come who will be honoured to have been your friend.

Valourbörn is my place to share my own story, as you know, and little by little you learn more about who I am, just as I learn more about myself. It has become my home of sorts on the internet and it has become my beautiful haven where I can reflect on the adventure all around me. It originated as a place to discuss heroes, but I’m happy to say that it has become a place where I have met them as well. And I’ve come to realize that as much as Valourbörn is a place for my story, it’s a place for yours too.

I’d like to do this again, or something very like it, so keep your eyes peeled for upcoming events. Again, thank you so much to everyone who helped out with this project.

It was an honour.

May your story continue long into the stars and may you never forget that you are truly heroes.



4 thoughts on “Your Story Doesn’t End Here

  1. Ahh, I couldn’t send mine in on time. My midterms are coming up and I decided it wasn’t very conducive to revisit the more eventful and emotional times of my life. I really enjoyed the stories the others have put up, though. I had hoped that this opportunity in writing would bring about a bit of solace, but I wasn’t able to make much out of it this time round.

    Thank you for this – it was pretty magical, to say the least. If my academic life allows, I would surely participate in the next one:)

    • Yeah, I hear ya :/ Best to limit yourself to one emotional hurdle at a time, eh? But I wish you the best of luck on midterms! Just remember, you could be fighting a dragon instead ;)

      I would love to work with you in the future and will certainly let you know when I’ve got another project up my sleeve :)

  2. Thank you for allowing me to participate in this wonderful project! I hope to be able to be a part of it once more next year!

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