Oh, So Very Many Things

Hey all. I feel yucky today. So why not write a blog post? Yay!

I have oh so many things to talk about, but first, here’s a video of a timeless song that I’ve had stuck in my head all day. Just for fun.

Now, onto some real business.

Your Story

I’ve got two more posts to write regarding this project as I wrap it up. I really enjoyed this project and getting to work with so many amazing bloggers. I’ll talk more about it in the other posts, but I’d just like to make another PSA that I will still accept your story if you said you were interested! (Since there are a couple people who said they would like to participate but perhaps became too busy to submit it)


What? Valourbörn has a Facebook page? She sure does! I never use it though, heheh. BUT I’d like to start using it more often since I’ll probably be posting less during school months, so at least then I can pop in quickly and share something silly or random or mildly adventure-related. If it so pleases you, you can give the page a like here and be entertained by my random nonsense. (I just realized the cover pic and icon are still the old red colour scheme… better fix that! :P)

Mailing List

This is kind of related to the Your Story project, since it was this that inspired me to do it, but how do you guys feel about joining a mailing list? It would be a way for me to collaborate and get feedback from you for upcoming or past events on Valourbörn. So for example, if I were to do the Your Story project again, I would send out an email calling for guest bloggers. And then, after the event, I could send out an email asking what you liked about it and looking for suggestions on how I might improve future events. I’m still undecided on this—feel free to let me know what you think!


Dun dun dunnnnn! So last year I did Villain Awareness Month, where I pitted several notoriously evil villains against each other in a showdown, whilst also publishing some Halloween facts or villain how-to posts in between. I had a lot of fun with that, I honestly did, and I’d love to do Villain Awareness Month again, but I would have to make some changes. The thing is, in order to make the Villain Showdowns more fun and accessible, I needed to do a lot of research on villains I didn’t know very well (which was most of them) but who are more well-known to the general public. The research was interesting, but I honestly had no time to do it, which made it stressful and less enjoyable for me. Soooooo I need to think of something different. This is where I get stuck.

I’m not so sure I want to do a showdown-type event again, since it was sometimes hard to get enough votes to break a tie. But I liked profiling the villains and showcasing their different styles of evil, as well as the dynamic personalities the baddies can have. So do I create new villains, or sit my butt down and do more research, or do I pass the responsibility over to the public? I have to consider that midterms are in October as well (curse you, midterms! *shakes fist angrily*). I am honestly stumped. I would love to hear any ideas you have on the subject!

But I also want to write about the other aspects of Halloween, just like last year—the traditions, the beautiful fall scenery, the eerie feel of magic hanging in the air, and so on. Plus, I actually want to try out some recipes this year, since I never got to last time. I saw one recipe for caramel-covered pears that looks particularly delicious and am thinking I might brave the kitchen quite a lot this autumn.

And since I know that Halloween is celebrated in such different ways in different countries, I think it would be cool to address that aspect of it and compare all the traditions and lore. Perhaps another opportunity to collaborate with you, hm?

Oh, and this one is important: I don’t know what I’m going to carve on my pumpkin OR what costume I’m going to wear this year! I’ve been racking my brains trying to come up with something good but have so far been unsuccessful, agh!

So I suppose I’ve left you with a lot of questions to answer! Valourbörn has a Facebook page? Mailing list: yea or nay? What parts of Villain Awareness Month would you like to see return? Any ideas or suggestions? What other Halloween things interest you? Halloween collaboration? What should I carve on my pumpkin? What costume should I wear?

So many questions! If you have even one answer, I will be very grateful. As you can see, I have so very much to think about :P

Aaaaaaanyways, I suppose I should be off. Let me know what you’re thinking :)

Are you looking forward to October?

May you somehow find answers for all of the questions you may come to ask (or be asked).



2 thoughts on “Oh, So Very Many Things

  1. I’ll try to answer all the questions.
    I’m a fan of the mailing list. It’s a great idea, and if you know you can pull it off, go for it!
    About the whole Villian Awareness thing, I a first making kit clear that I was not on WordPress last year, and did not see last year’s V.A thing you did. But, if you haven’t already done my idea, maybe you could do a mix of one villian from a fandom and another that you invent? I don’t know, maybe that’s stupid…
    I think that you can collab with other bloggers on the Halloween thing, and ask these bloggers to write a post about how Halloween is celebrated in their culture (or, if their culture doesn’t celebrate Halloween, if it has something similar).
    Carve a logo on your pumpkin (it’s what I do). Last year, I painstakingly carved the Avengers symbol, and this year, I’m etching out a complicated Native American symbol (since that’s my costume).
    Is it possible for you to dress up as the hero on your home page image? I think that would be fitting.
    What a long comment; forgive any typos, I’m on my phone right now. My phone survived the water drop, in case you were wondering.
    Hope I helped!

    • Wow, you are helpful indeed! Haha thank you for all the answers, they’re wonderful!

      I’ve decided to look into organize a mailing list–thanks for your support :D As for your villain idea, that is interesting! I just might do that… or maybe something similar, like take a fandom villain and break it into its “core components”, like how to build a villain or something? Hmm. I’m unsure whether I’ll ask for submissions for Halloween culture, since I just finished doing a submission thing and it sometimes takes a lot of extra time to organize it, but I’m still curious to hear others’ viewpoints. Maybe I can do it through reblogging instead of subs.

      That sounds awesome, coordinating your pumpkin with your costume! You are brilliant! :D (And I’m now very curious about your pumpkin/costume–I love Native culture!) Ohhhh I would love to dress up as my header image but I have such limited resources :( One day, one day! But I could always make my header image reflect my costume, hmm. So many ideas, my goodness.

      Good to see your phone is still with us, and thanks again for your answers! You’ve given me lots to think about :)

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