Adventures Three

I would really enjoy reaching a point this August (holy crap August’s almost over!) when I can say, “hey, I’m not actually busy today,” because I have been busy every single day and it’s starting to drive me nuts.

But as ever, busy-ness (business?) doesn’t always mean stress and unhappiness. Rather the opposite, in this case. I’ve been on wonderful adventures lately, three of them in total, and shall share them with you.

The Pig Roast

I went to a pig roast at my grandparents’/aunt+uncle’s house not that long ago and had quite a good time. I mean, a pig roast itself is an adventurous setting, and the physical roasting of an entire pig combined with the plethora of other foods assembled there, plus the large crowd of people all added up to a very fantasy-esque feast. I felt like an adventurer enjoying a celebratory feast after a long, arduous journey (aka the whole entire summer thus far), and of course I’m always looking for an excuse to feel like a true adventurer.

This is actually their second time doing a pig roast, since they set it up for volunteers of the local fleece festival, and so many of the same people were there. Last year my aunt was telling some of them about how I was a writer and wanted to publish soon, and so this year a man recognized my face (how do people do that??), and then remembered I was a writer, and THEN asked me how it was going. I thought it was pretty darn cool that he remembered and actually thought to ask about it, so to the guy wearing the blue shirt with the vaguely British(??) accent and the Off! mosquito repellent clip thingy–you’re pretty awesome, thank you so much!

And that evening I also talked to my grandma about university worries, which was comforting, as she’s like-minded to me and knew just the right things to say to get me thinking straight and more positively. Thanks, grandma, it definitely helped :)

So the pig roast was a successful and pleasant adventure, or what felt like a reward for an adventure.

(Are you still with me? I’m really tired and I feel like I’m spewing nonsense… Maybe I should stop, but I’ve gotten this far already…)

The Aquarium

As a last summer family trip sort of thing (and because my sister’s been dying to go on a family trip somewhere cool for like two years), we decided to go to the big new aquarium in Toronto. I don’t really care for underwater stuff, but I have to admit, it was really cool.

They had starfish, and seahorses, and a blue lobster, and a glass tunnel where saw fish and sharks and a big giant super cute sea turtle and stingrays can swim over your head, and a place where you could go and pet the stingrays, and the most adorable and infinitesimal baby jellyfish I’ve ever seen that I really wanted to take home! Did you know stingrays have smiles? I did not know this. (Sorry, you probably have to click the picture to make it not squished :S)

He’s so freakin’ happy!!!

I also realized though that I absolutely despise most types of crabs, because they look like creepy gigantic underwater spiders and that is not okay. And there was one big tank that had a ton of seaweed in it, and it kept swaying up and down and up and down in the current and the fish kept swaying up and down and up and down in the current and it was making me incredibly seasick and I needed to sit down and stare at the wall for a bit. And there was a really annoying soundtrack playing in the stingray area that still gets stuck in my head… but other than that, it was a fantastic adventure that I never anticipated would be as fun as it was.

The Bus

But in other news, my best friend is back! After living for four years in different provinces, she’s finally come back to Ontario for university! She’s living in residence in a city not far from where I live, so a few days ago, she and her mom came on the bus to visit me, and then I bused back with them to explore her new city.

Taking the bus on the highway was a new adventure (buses scare me enough as it is, jeez), and being with my friend again was a familiar and much-beloved adventure. We had a wonderful evening eating delicious hamburgers, exploring downtown shops, and taking photos by Oktoberfest-themed gazebos, and the best part was that it was just like old times. Me and her, partners in crime, back in business after spending so much time apart. It was good to laugh so deeply and genuinely again.

I am very much looking forward to all sorts of adventures to come as I get to spend more time with her and we both tackle the very much dreaded and looming university.

So yeah, um, today is Thursday, by the way, if you didn’t know. I have to go to orientation on Saturday, and in exactly one week, I’ll be attending my first-ever university class. I couldn’t think of any words to use to describe how I’m feeling right now, so I chose this wonderful Phineas and Ferb clip to sum it up. Candace is me, and Phineas is the orientation week director. Pretend Candace asks, How much longer till I have to go to uni again?, and Phineas replies, Oh, just a couple days till orientation and a week till classes!, and then at the end, pretend Phineas says, I don’t think she’s ready for this… And it will be exactly perfect. Got it? Okay.

So that’s how I feel right now. Like, last time I checked, I had a lot more time before uni. But hey, just another adventure, right? I can handle it, pshaw.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to go make some indescribable but clearly unnatural sound as I obsessively count down the days on the calendar until my life will change dramatically. Wish me luck!

What adventures have you been on?

May you never be bored, but instead always have some wonderful adventure upon which to embark.


(Coming to the end of this post, I’ve decided it was worth it to keep writing even though I’m tired. I feel like this was an accomplishment.)


5 thoughts on “Adventures Three

  1. Can someone explain to me why reading about the Aquarium make me laugh so much, because I do not know. Goodness how did you not know about stingray smiles?! I used to adore Aquariums when I was a kid. I used to call stingrays ‘water angels’. “Mum, can we see the water angels?!” Was I not the cutest? haha. I agree with the crab thing, though – they freak me out, especially the giant ones *shudders*. I loooooove seahorses, too, clinging onto a plant with its tail and bobbing in the current. AND DID YOU SEE ANY SEA DRAGONS?! *dies* The ocean is wonderful and amazing and curious and an enchanting mystery. Lovelovelove.

    That is great news about your friend, though! How fabulous to have your partner in crime back by your side :) Try not to worry too much about uni. It’ll be okay :)

    • No I never knew but now it makes me so happy every time I think about their cheeky little grins! Aw, water angels is such a cute name :D YES WE SAW THE SEA DRAGONS!! I wish that sea dragons were the same size as medieval dragons so that I could ride them around. They are incredible.

      Haha yeah, it’s gonna be awesome :D I’m trying not to freak out before uni’s even started… The good news is there are about a dozen different nature-filled corners for me to tuck myself away whenever I need to be somewhere quiet and soothing, or y’know, have a good cry with the trees.

      • Can you imagine if they were that size?!?! Ugh, the thought makes me sad that it is not really so. Words cannot even describe how much I love sea dragons.

        Yes, not freaking is probably for the best. Well that’s very good news indeed! Do cry amongst the trees if the need so takes you – they do not judge ^^ In fact, the trees can hear the silent strife within every teardrop and absorb all pain away, if we’d only let them do so. This is truth, don’t you know ;)

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