Get Your Peace On

Good news–I’m back from vacation! Raise your hand if you didn’t even notice! Yeah, I scheduled some posts, took off for a week, and got back a few days ago, quiet as anything. But I’m back now, so I shall get to answering comments and posting more stories and all the like.

I would’ve posted earlier, but I needed to recover from vacationing :P Seriously, though, a couple nights ago I wasn’t sleeping very well and I was headachey and tired during the day, so blogging was the last thing I wanted to do. Fortunately, I slept wonderfully last night and have no headache right now so here I am, ready to post!

This vacation came at a really good time for me, because after getting worked up all summer long about school and writing and time slipping away,  this week was a time when my sole purpose in life was relaxation. Just kicking back, enjoying the nature and the fishing and the lack of responsibilities, and for seven days completely dropping all my worries because I can’t do anything about them whilst on vacation anyways.

And while I was vacationing and relaxing and “getting my peace on”, I had a couple things happen that really helped me spiritually.

The Harmony Balls

IMG_1126About a month ago, I was out shopping with my sister when I noticed these, Harmony Balls. I’ve wanted a set for a very long time, and I mentioned this to April in passing. A few weeks later, after she’d saved up some money, she gave me a belated graduation gift. It took me a moment to realize what it was, but I was ecstatic to see she’d given me Harmony Balls of my very own. I absolutely love them and of course brought them on vacation.

They’ve got weight to them, and they make the loveliest chiming sound when you move them in your palm. As you rotate them in both directions, your fingers have to work in sequence to keep them moving and balanced, which tenses and relaxes muscles and ultimately soothes joints. For someone like me, who cracks my knuckles obsessively and whose fingers always need to be doing something, it’s great to have a constructive and healing way to keep my hands busy. And since I write a ton and am thus more prone to wrist injuries, the exercise helps prevent that.

It is also said in traditional Chinese beliefs that using the Harmony Balls goes beyond good hand health. They help you connect with nature, as well as channel energy through your fingers and to the rest of your body, especially your vital organs. They’ve been a way for me to take time–just a couple minutes make a huge difference–to relax and bring positive energy into my body. After using them, I can feel the peace literally settle in the palms of my hands like tangible power–it feels like magic, actually–and I just feel so much better. Big, big thanks April!

The Stones


Then, while we were driving up to the cottage where we vacationed, we stopped in a small town along the way to check out some stores. We found one that was really neat, filled with spirituality and related objects, and I enthusiastically looked at their polished stones. I love stones–even just plain old rocks you find outside–and I especially love spiritual stones. I didn’t buy anything right away, but then I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

As it turned out, my grandma wanted to go a few days later and a trip back to town was planned. I wanted to go just so I could return to the spiritual store, but the fact that I would have to endure hours of shopping just for the sake of going to one store made me change my mind, so I asked my mom to pick me up a couple stones. The biggest problem was that I’d intended to go in person and shop around for the stones I wanted, based on their spiritual properties, but because I wasn’t going, I needed to think of something off the top of my head. I chose jade and lapis lazuli.

As fate would have it, those were excellent choices.

Jade is a stone I love for writing reasons (it’s powerfully important to one of my characters and literally keeps him alive) and because the colour green has personal significance to me (colour of my eyes, and eyes are the windows to the soul). Its spiritual meaning, as described on a little card that came with the stone, is of purity and serenity. It is related to the heart and aids in emotional release. It can also bring insightful dreams (which I’ve since determined is true, because the dreams I’ve had while it’s been under my pillow have been incredibly revealing as to what my true concerns are right now).

Lapis lazuli is a stone I love because in the Unicorns of Balinor series that I read as a kid, there was a magic staff or sceptre made of lapis lazuli, and from then on I always associated the stone with magic and unicorns. Spiritually, it is a stone that releases stress and brings in peace. It bonds relationships and, like jade, it is a stone of emotion and serves as a dream enhancer.

Both these stones together encourage peace, a positive flow of emotions, and clarity in dreams. I ended up being drawn to the very stones that I needed to help find my inner peace and relieve some of the stress I’ve been feeling. Just holding them in my palm, looking at them in the light, or wearing them in a neat coil necklace (like this) helps me relax a little bit, or at least be more conscious about relaxing.

After all the physical exertion I’ve been through worrying and stressing and just generally being upset, I’m really trying to overcome my worries through more spiritual means. In the world I write about, there is a race that believes in the spiritual power of trees. They teach that holly empowers the spiritual warrior in all of us, and the term “spiritual warrior” has always stuck with me. I feel like a spiritual warrior, an entity made of energy and the power of a soul, is much more capable of overcoming fears than a physical warrior could ever be.

So with these lovely objects to be my weapons, I look to strengthen the spiritual warrior inside of me. I know she’s in there somewhere, and I think I may need her help in days to come.

What do you do to relax?

May you ever find peace in your soul and may your spiritual warrior be ever strong.



7 thoughts on “Get Your Peace On

  1. Welcome back! Hehe, harmony balls always make me smile because of a British comedy show called ‘Red Dwarf’ (hilarious). There’s an episode where one of the characters is given worry balls (or whatever they call it in the show), and he uses them so much they end up being worn down to the size of peas in his hand.
    But anyway, the benefits you describe sound great, and it is good to do something so harmonious with your hands! Lovely that your sister got them for you ^^

    My mother and auntie are very spiritual in that sense, with stones/crystals and harmony balls etc etc, and so I have grown up with the lot. I think I’ve been given a few crystals in my time, which I still have. And those coil necklaces you mention: I used to have a couple myself growing up! Haematite and clear quartz. When I was at school, my mum often used to put crystals in my blazer pocket. The little things we keep with us, eh.

    Loving the sound of your race, by the way, who believe in the spiritual power of trees. How wonderful. They should meet up with the Ilimoskus sometime – I’m sure they’d have a bit to natter about ;)

    • Thanks :D Oh man, I can totally see mine turning to peas as well, haha! They’re addictive to use, my goodness. Yeah, I’m rather surprised she was listening that keenly but very grateful to her :) I guess sisters can surprise you every once in a while :P

      Oh that’s neat! I love quartz :) I kind of wish I’d had as much of a spiritual background as that when I was growing up, because I find that in the past few years I could’ve really benefitted from it, but better late than never, eh? That’s neat though that you still have crystals and such :)

      Oh, thank ya! Haha jeez, they would ADORE meeting the Ilimoskus! They’re absolute knowledge hounds and would have a field day learning Kurpian and Ilimoskus culture and alllll about their magic and beliefs. It’s an interesting thought, the two of them coming together! :D

      • I’m sure they probably are! I can just imagine that little clinking sound you mentioned. It makes me think of those Chinese chime bowl things you get, you know? Even though that’ a completely different noise, but there we go.

        Ha, well exactly. Better late than never indeed. Yeeaahh, aren’t Christians supposed to recoil in horror at such things, and launch the Bible at people while calling them A WITCH? *shrugs* Guess I didn’t get the memo on that one ;) I think all that’s silly to be honest. It is not “black witchcraft”, or whatever it is they like to call it. It is another way to find and understand your soul, and how is that ever bad? Such spiritual people are 9 times of out 10 better people than others who are not, anyway. But the Bible also says to respect your mother, and if I disrespected the way she was, that’s not respecting her…. is it…. Sooo… :P

        Haha, aw well goodness, what a wonderful meeting that would be, then! Maybe we should make it happen someday ;)

        • Oh yes, that utter distrust of anything that can be even remotely labelled magic :P And what are miracles, I ask you? Magic! It’s true though, it helps you find your soul. It serves the same purpose as quiet prayer so how can that be a bad thing? Haha well what a predicament that is :P

          A wonderful meeting indeed :)

          • Haha, magic indeed :)
            Yeah, I think so. We all find things in different ways, and I don’t think it’s right to claim any one way is more ‘right’ than another.

            It is a predicament! ;) Seriously though, what is one supposed to do in such an instance? I think I’ve handled it the best way :P

  2. Ah, I too have an inner spiritual warrior – my internal Warrior Princess – and like all my soul-stuff I encounter her in the bush (i.e. wild forests of Australia, my home). Trees mean a lot to me, too; they definitely help heal me of excess stress: when I am walking or driving past mature trees, it feels as though they are cleansing my psyche of its aches and pains. This is a roundabout way of answering your question about what I do to relieve stress: be with trees, in nature or in my imagination!

    PS: So glad the stones you chose were “right”, but I’m not surprised :-) We often seem to know what we need, on some level, don’t you think?

    • Warrior Princesses are in my opinion the best kind of princesses :D I love trees too. What you said, about feeling like the trees are cleansing your psyche, reminds me of a conversation I overheard yesterday where two girls were talking about houseplants that filter the air. It seems plants are good at cleansing and purifying, which is perhaps why nature is so good at healing :)

      Yeah, I think so! A woman once told me that certain stones draw you in so that you think they are more beautiful than the others, when really it’s your soul telling you what it needs most. Amazing, really!

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