Updates, huzzah

Heeeeey everybody!

So it’s July 30th already, if you can believe it, and I’ll be posting the first of the stories for the Your Story project very soon! I am crazy excited. The stories people have sent me are incredible. They’ve inspired me and made me smile, and I just really can’t wait to share them. I’m a little nervous, to be honest, but it’s that kind of nervousness that comes from anticipation, you know? I hope you guys love these stories as much as I do :D

Submissions are still open, as well, and will be until August 31st. So by all means, send me more stories! I love to read and I love adventures, so I will not be disappointed if my inbox is flooded with emails! I may be mildly frazzled, but not disappointed! And if you’d like to spread the word by sharing the project info or by sharing some of the great stories coming this August, that would be awesome :)

In other, more personal news, I wanted to let you guys know that I’m starting to branch out more on the internet. I’m an aspiring author, as you likely know, and the whole “aspiring” part means that not very many people know of me yet. So to try to remedy that, I’ve started a Tumblr account where I can share short stories and musings about the writing life. If you’d like to visit me there, or follow my Twitter or Facebook accounts, that would be wonderful. I’m still figuring things out, but I’m really looking forward to sharing more stories and thoughts.

As for Valourbörn, well, things will be continuing as normal :) I’m going to keep this blog separate from my Tumblr, so you likely won’t notice any difference on this blog (except maybe a few more short stories cropping up, we’ll see). I certainly am not moving on from this blog any time soon–if anything, I’d like to continue improving it.

So that’s what’s going on in my life right now. Blogging, writing, blogging :P Come say hi over there, or say hi right here! (I just want to say hi to someone, hehe)

How’s life? What’s new?

May you have many wonderful things going on right now.



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