Liebster Award! (Round 2)

The Liebster Award

So the last Liebster post I did, I answered the multitude of questions I was asked by my nominators. This time around, I’ll be asking questions of my own and nominating several fine blogs that you should check out. A recap of the rules:

  • Link to the person who nominated you (Only a kind courtesy out of thanks!)
  • Answer their questions (Mini interview!)
  • Nominate new blogs for the award (Pay it forward!)
  • Ask them 10 new questions (Your turn!)
  • Let the nominees know they have been nominated (Keep in touch and follow up!)

Because I was nominated by three people, I’ll create 30 questions for you to answer. Feel free to just answer 10, or 20, or really as many as you’d like. It’s all up to you :)

  1. If you could star in any commercial you wanted, what product would you want to advertise?
  2. Grossest food in the whole world?
  3. Your favourite kind of flooring?
  4. If you could live in any building in the world (or even from a fictional world), what would it be?
  5. Would you rather lose sight, smell, taste, touch, or hearing?
  6. If you had enough money to make a world-record sized collection of something, what would you collect?
  7. What’s your state’s/province’s/country’s national food? Do you even like it?
  8. The dumbest thing you’ve ever put on your resume? (or wanted to?)
  9. The weirdest/most exotic thing you’ve ever ridden/driven?
  10. The ugliest outfit you’ve ever worn out in public?
  11. The worst nightmare you can remember?
  12. If you could get a life-size portrait painted of anyone to put in your bedroom, who would it be?
  13. Do you prefer to wash the dishes or dry them?
  14. Would you rather lose your leg or force a family member to leave the country?
  15. Would you rather have a stranger do CPR on you or get third-degree burns?
  16. The weirdest nickname you’ve ever given a friend?
  17. If you could have tea with any god or deity, who would it be?
  18. The most annoying children’s song/movie that would make you want to die if you heard/saw it now?
  19. Would you rather be an identical twin with similar names (e.g. Tim and Kim) or have an unpronounceable name?
  20. Would you rather be a costumed mascot on a sweltering summer day or be responsible for transporting porta-potties?
  21. If you had to be a kind of fish, which would you want to be?
  22. If someone was throwing you a vegetable-themed birthday party, which vegetable would you pick?
  23. Do you believe in ghosts or spirits? Do they scare you?
  24. Would you rather be crazy glue, super glue, or tacky glue for the rest of your life?
  25. What’s the dumbest thing that’s ever come out of your mouth?
  26. The strangest conspiracy theory you’ve ever heard?
  27. Flip phone, slide phone, or touch phone?
  28. If your life was a movie, what would today’s song be?
  29. The cleverest MacGyver-style repair job you’ve ever done?
  30. Soup, salad, or sandwiches?

I hope you get a laugh out of a few of those :P

Now, onto the much anticipated nominees! Hooray! I’ve categorized them to give a bit of an idea of what they’re all about. One thing I’ll say right off the bat is that they’re all wonderful blogs and fantastic people with important things to share with the world. If one piques your interest, be sure to check it out!


Often Clueless, Always Shoeless



Ramblings of Emery Rogue

Age is just a page number

Indoor Adventures

Jennifer K. Marsh

Nirvana’s Pocketful


Occasional Hero


A World of Chrome

The Fangirl Report

The Worldbuilder’s Garden

One life is not enough

Life As A Digital Salad

Nerdy Bookahs


Kaelan Munro





Ngugi’s Word


Blue Dragon City

Fairies of the Earth

Pop Culture:

Letters to Sherlock

So a careful counter would discover that there are only 24 blogs listed, when I meant to nominate 30… This is indeed a good thing, as it means that many of the blogs I follow have more than 200 followers! As this award is typically meant to spread love and encouragement to the newer blogs with fewer followers, I didn’t really want to go above the 200 follower limit. So be proud if you weren’t mentioned here, yeah? ;)

Also, it was quite difficult placing some blogs in categories. A lot of them are varied with their content, which is great, so I just categorized them into whichever I thought of most in regards to the blog. Like I said, they’re all worth a read to see what they’re all about.

To the nominees–no pressure! You need not carry on this award if you don’t want to–enjoy the free publicity :D

That’s it for this super ginormous Liebster Award! Take care everyone :)



6 thoughts on “Liebster Award! (Round 2)

    • Yeah, if you’d like to do the whole award thing, you answer some of the questions (10 is the recommendation), nominate other small blogs you like, and ask them some questions to answer. It’s just a fun way to increase publicity for smaller blogs :)

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