Back in Berk

Last weekend was incredible. Not because I got drunk or partied hard or anything like that–no no, I leave that to folks much rowdier than me. My weekend was incredible because I just couldn’t stop crying.

It sounds strange, but in reality, it’s quite beautiful. See, I spent my weekend embarking on the most inspiring, emotional adventures I’ve ever been on.

The first was How to Train Your Dragon 2.


A wittle Toofless my mom got me–you’re never too old for toys! He came in my purse to the movies :)

If you haven’t seen it yet, you HAVE to go, ASAP. Seeing it in 3D in the theatres was incredible. If you haven’t seen the first movie, you HAVE to go watch that, and then go watch the second one, because I promise you, the sequel is actually just as good as the first, if not better.

I would love to go on and on about why I loved it so much but I’ll save the spoilers for another time. For now, while it’s still pretty new in theatres, I’ll give you the 100% spoiler-free version of why this movie made me cry.

The moment the movie started and we started sweeping over the ocean, getting that iconic first glimpse of Berk, I was already tearing up. How to Train Your Dragon is my favourite favourite favourite movie, and coming back to Berk in the sequel was like coming back home. It felt so right, to return to that forbidding rock in the middle of the sea, as it’s a place where my heart has found shelter.

The rough-and-tumble Vikings, the spunky dragons, the breathtaking landscape—it’s a world that calls to me. Its spirit is incredible and it is truly a place of adventure. In the first movie, the quiet of the cove where the forbidden friendship was born between man and dragon is a place where my own deepest friendships are felt. And in the aerial journeys we experience on dragon-back in both movies, flying up amongst the clouds—that’s where my soul soars with hope, courage, and strength.

Berk is my second home and I can’t even tell you how good it was to be back.

But I didn’t really cry, not at first, and pretty soon I was laughing. There’s some crazy awesome banter in this movie, let me tell you, that is so natural, so believable, it shows how the story and the characters have matured over time. And then there’s the dragons! Half the time I didn’t know if I should be paying attention to the Vikings’ serious conversations or the hilarious goofing off of the dragons. The movie was able to break away from the strictness of a traditional script to allow more natural interaction and it worked marvellously. It made Berk and Hiccup and Astrid and Toothless just that much more real.

But then we come to the tears.

This movie is impossibly emotional. With the flying and the reunion between Hiccup and his mom (that is not a spoiler, they released that news ages ago) and the discovery of new dragons and all of the excitement and joy and energy, I was just so hyped up and was full of euphoria AND THEN Dreamworks went and said, “Oh, your heart is about to burst with happiness? Here, we’ll help you out by RIPPING IT OUT OF YOUR CHEST AND SERVING IT TO YOU ON A SILVER PLATTER, we hope it tastes delicious.”

Seriously, Dreamworks. Why? *whimpers*

So I was sitting there in the theatre crying with all my soul, this big gaping hole in my chest where my happy heart used to be, but I couldn’t help but admire Dreamworks for what they’d done. I mean, it’s pretty incredible that they’d managed to make me feel so upset, actually bringing me to tears (although I’m starting to wonder just how difficult that is. . . *coughcough* Lowell *coughcough*).

They drew me into the adventure, made me feel like I belonged in Berk, like I belonged on the back of a dragon, like I was personal friends with the characters. They hurt me with what they did because I was invested, involved. I cannot recommend this movie highly enough. It is an incredible adventure, I promise you.

If you appreciate friendship, like dragon fights, love beautiful landscapes—if you like movies at all, GO SEE IT! Or put it on your list of must-sees, because it’s more than worth it.

So that was the first thing that made me cry, but oh, there’s more to come. Until then, take care guys :)

What was the last (good) thing that made you cry? Also, have you watched HTTYD2 yet? Whatcha think? (no spoilers!)

May all your tears be markers of the good that it is in your life.



4 thoughts on “Back in Berk

  1. That is SUCH good news! I absolutely fell in love with the first HTTYD, and I’ve always been rather the skeptic of sequels so I was particularly worried about them sticking a fork in one of my favorite worlds. SO very excited to see it now! (Thank you for the lack of Spoilers!)

    • I hear you! I was terrified it wouldn’t match up to the first, which would be a bloody shame since they had so much to work with. But no no, it’s brilliant!! You’re gonna love it :D (No problem, I have an enormous fear of them and try to be sensitive to others about it :) )

  2. Hey there! I read THIS^ and I completely agree with you. HTTYD2 made me sob in the cinema,(which was a first) and it made me feel so right. Like I belonged there. I’m really contemplating on whether to pay to watch it in the cinemas again because I CAN’T GET ENOUGH. And I’m glad someone actually agrees with me because nobody understands. :)

    • I’m so happy to hear you agree! Oh I would totally go see it again if only I had the money for it! But if you do go again, enjoy it twice as much for me, will you? ;)

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