It was a terrible scissors-related accident…

Hmmm. *sigh*

Well, I’ve certainly been busy lately, as I’m sure you’ve noticed. It’s a good busy, for the most part, and this weekend there’s gonna be even more good busy. It’ll be tiring, but I am buzzing with euphoric excitement! You shall hear about it later, I promise ;)

But the reason I’m blogging now is to talk for a moment about heroes. Particularly, Phineas and Ferb, my old pals.

So, funny story–I was working on an art project, with wire and leaves and all this cool stuff, and it was rather late (around midnight) and I was trying to cut a wire with scissors and I cut my hand instead. It wasn’t horrible, but it’s right under my index finger so I’m constantly twisting it and agitating it and it’s all really quite lovely. But on the bright side, I got to put a Band-aid on it.


I had a Phineas one on the day before, and I thought it was funny how the same guy who saved my creativity later had to save me from my creativity.

With summer in the air and a new episode of Phineas and Ferb coming out after what feels like foreveeeeeeeer, I’m definitely feeling excitement and creativity bubble up inside me. I’m again grateful that I decided to fall in love with the show back when I really needed it, when I was frustrated that I had the ability to write stories and draw pictures but wasn’t really using it. The brothers’ optimism, ingenuity, and core motto that the world is full of possibilities was just what I needed to open my mind and let myself create again.

I’m doing a lot better in the creativity front nowadays. I’ve got more ideas and drafts for stories than I can shake a stick at, I’ve got several pieces of artwork I’m proud of, and I’m even starting to get into pressing flowers and leaves, something I never imagined doing even a year ago.

I’m taking Phineas and Ferb’s message and making it my own, and hoping that others will be inspired to do the same. The world really is full of possibilities and summer (or any day) really does belongs to you.

Thank you, my dear heroes.

I shall be back soon, readers. Thanks as always for your patience :)

What have you been up to?

May you always have a hero to bandage your wounds when you need it most.



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