I was having a bad day…

…and then I got a haircut.

I had an awful day, I really did. I got 8 1/2 hours of sleep last night and yet all day I was dead tired. I couldn’t focus. I was pissy (I formally apologize to everyone who tried to be nice to me). I didn’t want to run at all at track practice. I just wanted to curl up and cry, except that I also had to write a lab report (story of my life!) so as much as I wanted to be done with the day, I couldn’t.

I was also kind of ticked off about Camp NaNoWriMo. Yeah, it’s the last day, but no, I haven’t finished it. I can’t now, it actually is too late, because I haven’t written anything since The Cost, and that puts me at only 30%. I planned to write last night to try to catch up but even last night I wasn’t feeling great–I was in the kind of mood where I loathed every word I tried to write so I just let it go. The joys of writing.

So all of this crappiness was starting to overwhelm me, but then I went to my hair appointment.

I hadn’t gotten my hair cut in more than a year and it wasn’t anything special, just a trim to fix the edges, but for some reason, I perked right up the moment I stepped in the salon. Maybe it was the fact that I wanted to act happy around my hairdresser, who’s a family friend, or maybe I was subconsciously really excited to get a trim, or maybe it was my split ends that was making me so irritable–I don’t know! But that one hair appointment turned my whole day around.

Well, go figure.

Yup, I still feel tired. And yup, I still have a lab report to write, but I don’t feel like crap. Hurrah!

But sadly I’m still not really in the mood for writing creatively, and so I’ll have to leave that for another day, a better day.

So moral of the story is if you’re ever having a bad day, get your hair cut. Or, in essence–do something strange and unexpected that turns your day around. It’s a heck of a lot better than wallowing in misery.

I’ll be back another day with a new story to tell.

How was your day?

May you have a surprise haircut on the worst of days.



13 thoughts on “I was having a bad day…

  1. Sorry to hear you were having such a grim day! But I’m glad it managed to turn around slightly :) It’s funny how the smallest things can really pick your mood up.
    I had my hair cut no too long ago myself, after not having it cut for over a year like you, and I was incredibly happy to get it sorted out. However, that happiness didn’t last long, as I always get ridiculously grumpy about my hair and I soon hated it again :P I really do loathe my hair like 90% of the time.
    Do you like your haircut? I hope so!

    • It really is funny! Life’s just full of pleasant little surprised like that.

      Ah, that sucks! Haha your relationship sounds quite tense, between you and your hair. I do like my haircut, although I noticed the next day that she actually took off more than I first thought and I went through this phase of wondering where the heck my hair went. It’s nice now that the ends aren’t scraggly though and it’ll grow back soon enough :)

      • Haha, a tense relationship it most certainly is. Indeed, it will grow! :) I’m trying to grow my hair actually, and luckily mine grows rather quickly. Does yours?

        I really hate it when hairdressers take more off than you wanted, though. With curly hair, if you cut an inch off, it goes up about three. This proves to be a significant issue between the hairdresser and I when getting a haircut… *face twitches with annoyance*

        • That’s good that it grows fast then! Mine grows about as fast as a snail can climb up a mountain. It drives me crazy, because I always envied my sister having longer hair than me and it took soooooo long for mine to grow even to the same length as hers. I still think hers is longer and she’s cut it shorter than I have. Oh, the woes of hair.

          Yeesh! Haha, every day I’m grateful my hair isn’t curly–there was a chance, with my mom’s super tight curls, but thankfully I inherited my dad’s, pin-straight even in humidity. Next time my hair’s being “uncooperative”, I shall think of you, my friend ;)

          • Aha, oh no! (I’m laughing at your marvellous simile, there, not at the fact your hair grows slowly :P ) It’s funny how you differ so much to your sister. Random question: Is she older or younger than you? Just curious ^^

            Wow, really? That’s incredibly lucky, really, since the curly gene is dominant in genetics! I have a friend whose hair is pin-straight, no matter the weather. Crazy. I look at it like…. HOW is it possible to have such hair?! D: Hahaha, yes, think of the poor curly haired gals across the world. It is a grand toil.

          • Hehe, a fitting simile, I think. Oh heavens yes–people certainly don’t tell us we’re just like each other anymore. In fact someone thought she was my aunt once… She’s younger, but several inches taller. Few people actually get that I’m older in first impressions. It’s the burden I have to bear.

            Woo, lucky indeed then! I don’t know how it’s possible, but somehow it just, I dunno, *does*. Ah, you poor gals!

          • Haha, I guess I’m lucky I don’t have a sister, in that such burdens don’t plague me. Two sisters just make me forever think of Anastasia and Elizabeth -_- Haha, such prickly relationship ;) I hope you get on with your sister better than those two :P

            They love each other really, despite it all ;)

          • Hehe yeah, there have been times when my sister and I have sounded exactly like Anastasia and Elizabeth… There are good moments, though, I must admit, but it takes several years to train a younger sister well enough for her to be tolerable, let me tell you :P

          • Haha, such can only be expected with sisters, no? :P You should see how Ana and Liz interact in Book 2! I love those two in that book, seriously. I basically just laugh to myself every time they talk to each other. Laughing at my own stuff, y’know. I’m cool.
            Ha, I’m sure it does take some long, gruelling years! You’ll have to give Ana some tips ;)

          • Haha yeah pretty much! Hehe, well, I’m guilty of the very same thing. But considering writers are usually too critical about their work, that should be a good sign, no? :P Ha, sure, I’ve got plenty of tips for her! Funny thing is, though, I’m much more like Lizzie than Ana, while my sister’s more like Ana, all high-strung and whatnot.

          • Haha, I guess so! It’s Ana who does it for me, though – as in, it’s her who always makes me laugh. Take a chill pill, girl! But Lizzie does have some lines of gold in retaliation. Hilariously, Ana actually reminds me of myself a lot of the time, which I don’t really understand… I’m not really anything like her, but then I am… *shrugs* My mother hates Ana, yet I stand there and defend her by saying, “You see her in a different light in Book 2, though – she’s not so bad.” I think so, anyway. And I should know ;)

            Haha, well, no reason why the roles can’t be reversed!

          • Hah, that’s interesting, that she reminds you of yourself… and yet doesn’t :P I guess it’s only natural though, since you did create her and all. Some of your genes must’ve gotten passed along ;) That’s good to hear about book 2, ’cause I kind’ve hated her too, hehe.. I look forward to seeing her in new light though :)

          • Ha, well exactly ;) Nah, I think it’s Ana’s snappy temper. I can have a hideous temper. And people in the past have gone, “Really?? You don’t seem like an angry person at all.” Maybe I’m just a master of disguise :P I’m infinitely calmer than I used to be, though, almost to the extent of being a completely new person. Maybe Ana should learn a thing or two from me haha.

            Hahahaha, yeah, everybody hates Ana ;) Back in the day, a friend of mine helped me out in the proof reading phase, and I asked him, “Do you think the characters are realistic?” to which he replied, “Well, I’d say so, given if I found myself in a room with Ana or any of her friends I would be forced to throttle them all, and they aren’t even real. Apart from Matey Boy, of course.” Matey Boy is Demetri, by the way. He just refers to him as Matey Boy all the time. I’ve never quite worked out why. Welcome to the curious minds of men, I suppose haha.

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