Exploring the cognitive effects of Music.

The wonderful PP1MT was inspired by my use of music to tap into an emotional current whilst writing my NaNo novel. It was my first time, using music to fuel my words, and it was an incredibly rewarding experience. While words can stir your mind, music can quiver through your heart and soul, carrying you away on an adventure found only through notes and tunes. Go read his post–he makes fantastic points :)

The PewPew Diaries.

A few weeks ago, I received an email from Alex of Valourborn, whose works have intrigued ever since I chanced upon it while waddling in the cascading blogroll of the WordPress Reader in the early days of my little adventure. During November of 2013, she took part in the annual novel-writing project Nanowrimo, and ever since then I have bugged her constantly for her to release her novel. And then, it finally came – attached to the email was a .docx document with a dozen pictures.

alex's email

It’s a good day :)

She also told me how she drew inspiration from music, and that these song tracks have indeed shaped her story. When applicable, the respective tracks and a portion of the lyrics were highlighted in blue and placed prior to each chapter; like a prelude to the main story.

About a good three quarter past the book, I…

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