Wibble Wobble

I never really do anything for April Fool’s Day. I don’t play any clever pranks or try to trick people. Stuff doesn’t usually happen to me either–I might hear about someone’s antics but it usually doesn’t affect me much. For the most part, April 1st means flipping the calendar page to find a pretty new picture. But one April Fool’s tradition I always look forward to is the Guild Wars annual prank.

This year: *giggles* BOBBLE HEADS!


When I logged in and saw that swollen head, I couldn’t stop laughing. I mean, look at the thing! It’s ridiculous! When I overcame my initial giggling fit, I ran around a bit–and the laughter only got worse from there.

None of the charr were having a very good time of it, with heads that big. I mean, charr heads are already big enough (especially with those gnarly horns) and this expanded size was just absurd. Look at them! Getting all tangled together, such a shame.

gw352 gw353How they were managing their conversations was beyond me. It was insane too, trying to run around, because every time I bounded forwards, my face smacked off the ground or my head flailed backwards.gw356

gw354It was quite hilarious seeing all my characters in the loading screen with their bobble heads staring so blissfully back at me.




gw369 gw368Most of them looked super weird, but Denekk (the little grey asura) looked creepily normal… O.o

Normal, that is, till he started running and his head flailed wildly around. I made the poor guy run for so long, just laughing my head off at his expense, but I couldn’t stop finding it funny. I even made one of the bad Inquest asura (the one dressed in red) chase after him, and his head wobbled backwards too. The hilarity was instantly doubled.

gw373Haha, I probably had waaay too much fun with this, and laughed waaay too hard, but this is why I love Guild Wars 2. As serious a game it is, with dragons and bandits and danger and quests, it also holds a lot of ridiculously hilarious treasures that make me laugh till I can’t breathe. I love the game all the more for this reason.

You really can’t take life too seriously all the time. Laughter is good, and even the oddest, most absurd things can make stress and frustration seem a lot less important. It brightened my week, anyways.

Here are some more screenshots I took, and you should go see the blog One Life is Not Enough. He’s got some great posts up with many more screenshots, and they’re absolutely fantastic.

Keep on laughing ;)

Did you have any April Fool’s laughs?

May you be filled with laughter till your head swells to twice its size. Or vice versa.





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