Being Sick: A Visual Adventure

For the past five days, I have been horribly, awfully, tremendously sick with the worst cold I’ve ever had in my whole entire life. I’ve been coughing non-stop, which has made my back and sides and head hurt, as well as made my voice all croaky, and sometimes I coughed so hard I gagged and couldn’t breathe, and I’ve coughed up crap that would traumatize small children, and I’ve been cold and cranky and miserable and there were times when I was sure I was going to die–but yet, I’m still alive.

Oh boy.

I do not enjoy getting sick. I do not usually get sick. I do not usually get this sick. Needless to say, I have not been enjoying myself.

And so, to keep myself from curling up in a dark hole to die, I’ve been turning  to simple comforts to try to make me feel better. The first night of sickness, I crawled into bed with The Hound of the Baskervilles and read for a while.

Sick Alex + Old Book = Maybe I can do this

Then the next day I watched the last episode of Sherlock season 3. I’m still trying to work out my feelings about that.

Then yesterday, I watched Halloweentown (in March, yes, why not?), which was really quite comforting because I felt so disgusting, I fit right in.

I also watched Phineas and Ferb, the caveman episode, and I had a moment that really made me laugh, because I realized, “OMG, caveman Doof and I are exactly the same!” (Watch from 3:33 to 5:01)


(I believe the perfect word to describe my state of consciousness is delirium.)

But then, on the wrapper of a Halls, there came a message of hope.

IMG_2006Don’t give up on you. Well, I didn’t. I kept on fighting, even though I needed a pair of Perry the Platypus slippers and a permanent blanket cape to do so.


But I’m here. I’m still alive, somehow, and I’ve managed to laugh a little bit despite being so miserable.

Because the fact is that about 50% of life, I’ve found to be dull, boring, or just plain sucky. Yes, this is one of those sucky moments, but I am going to hike up my socks, proclaim very loudly that I am an adventurer, and stay inside for a couple more days with my Perry slippers and television. Because sensible adventurers know it’s best to be indoors when you’re sick. And sensible adventurers, despite liking to complain a lot when things get bad, know that they’ll pull through in the end.

Now I get to play that fun little game of catch-up, where I go around and pick up all the disassembled pieces of my normal life. I think I can save that for tomorrow though ;)

Yes, I am dancing the dance of life.

This thus concludes your visual adventure of being sick. I hope you enjoyed and thanks for not vomiting.

How’ve you been these past few days?

May you not get sick in the near future–I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.



8 thoughts on “Being Sick: A Visual Adventure

  1. I am very sorry to hear you’ve been so ill! Not good ): I really hope you get better soon. Being able to laugh at yourself is surely the best medicine, though. I had the worst cold I’ve ever had back in November, I think, and I was bunged up for the entire month practically. Awful. I felt like walking slime.
    I laughed a lot at this post. Not at the fact you were ill, don’t get me wrong, but I was laughing with you, of course! ;) Especially that Halloweentown bit. The singer in that YouTube clip reminds me of the singer from Bowling For Soup.. That’s my pointless input for you there.

    Anyway, get better soon! I send my love and best wishes.
    Keep laughing ;)

    • I’ve been feeling much better now, just wish this cough would go away! Mhm, it truly is the best (something I’m learning to be incredibly useful right now, when things just seem to want to go wrong :S). Ugh, yeah, walking slime is the perfect word to describe it. And I hear you! I’m glad I could make others laugh with my own ill stupor :P Pointless input it is not–it actually is Bowling for Soup!

      Thanks, I’m getting better every day, and still managing to laugh :)

      • Glad to hear you’re still laughing through the misery of being walking slime! Even glader (is ‘glader’ a word? I feel not, but who cares) to hear you are getting gradually better! It is Bowling for Soup?! Wow. That’s amazing :P

        I feel I need to be doing this whole laughing at misery thing myself right now. You know when life hands you something great and then goes, “HAHA NO JUST KIDDING”, and slaps you in the face? Totally happened to me. I got a great job/opportunity with children, involving lots of physical activity, of course, only for my knee to kill me and ruin my life again :( BOOO TO THE KNEE. Seriously though, how typical is that? -_- *sigh* Oh well. I shall laugh it off, and laugh when I collapse to the floor in pain or hobble like an old lady. It’s cool. I know what the problem is with my knee too, so I’ll go back to the doctor and get it sorted and it shouldn’t take too long to get better :)

        Hope things are going okay!

        • Yes, it appears “gladder” is a word, but with two “d”s ‘stead of one ;) So far you’re two for two!

          Aww that sucks! I know the feeling. (Aha I’m reminded of a silly quote from a cartoon, “Here’s a present, but don’t open it! Here’s an apple, but don’t eat it!” Stupid life) Yes, laugh as you hobble, that will teach Life! :D More seriously though, at least you know how to handle it. I hope it does indeed heal quickly :)

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