Styrofoam, Peeps, and Sisterly Bonding

Oh, by all that is good in this world.

I’ve had a night and a half.

I had to go run errands. I needed to mail a short story, buy two birthday gifts, and buy some Styrofoam balls for a school project. It seemed so simple when I started out. But when I run errands, nothing is simple. Thank the heavens for my sister being there.

Actually, the mailing went well. It took a whole of ten seconds to mail off my story. It’s an entry for a writing contest, so fingers crossed!

The birthday gifts went pretty well too. We got to the mall late, about an hour from closing time, but it took less than that to get our coffee/hot chocolate and get the gifts for my friends. Our next stop was the dollar store for the Styrofoam balls, and that’s where things went horribly wrong.

If you ask my sister, she can confirm that I’m a horrible navigator. I think she comes shopping with me so that I don’t get lost, because she knows our city a lot better than I do. But unfortunately, even with her excellent guidance to get me around, I still take wrong turns. In this case, I didn’t turn at all and drove blissfully past the dollar store plaza. Crap.

It took me a gas station parking lot and a roundabout to finally get turned back around and headed in the right direction, but by the time we got to the dollar store (and I stopped freaking out because I’d thought we’d be horribly lost and get stranded somewhere scary), we found out we were ten minutes too late and it had closed at 9:00. With a groan of dismay, I changed plans and headed to the nearest Wal-Mart.

We searched and searched, but lo and behold, Wal-Mart didn’t have any (ANY!!!!!!) Styrofoam balls. Nor did it have any party-cake flavoured Peeps, which my sister wanted to try after she saw them in the drug store where I mailed my story. So, enraged and utterly bewildered that Wal-Mart didn’t have any (ANY!!!!!!!) Styrofoam balls, I bought a small package of two-bite brownies for my sister and me to share.

Oh boy, that was an emotional moment. As I despaired over the fact that Wal-Mart, the store which is supposed to sell everything, didn’t have any (ANY!!!!!!!) Styrofoam balls, all of our woes started flooding out. “I was eating pizza the other day and burned my tongue,” my sister told me in a wavering voice, “and that was when I realized that those you love most only hurt you.”

It was indeed melodramatic, as we mourned every little thing we could find wrong with the world and ate our two-bite brownies. Sisterly bonding, at its best. But then we had one more stroke of hope. My sister remembered seeing Styrofoam balls in a nearby hardware store, which was actually open, so we went in and asked the employees if they sold them there.

The response I got was, “No, but have you tried the dollar store? Or Wal-Mart?”

Why, no, helpful employee, my first thought was to go to the hardware store for Styrofoam balls.

*steady breath*

So that part was a bust. I’ll have to go out tomorrow, which I wanted to avoid doing. Argh.

But it really was an adventure, getting lost and enduring emotional trauma and finding the deep bonds of friendship in a stressful situation. And heck, what else am I going to do on a Friday evening?

What overly melodramatic tragedy have you endured this week?

May you never overlook the value of a journey gone horribly awry.


EDIT: The next day, my sister and I went back out and got both party-cake flavoured Peeps and Styrofoam balls. The universe is again in order.


8 thoughts on “Styrofoam, Peeps, and Sisterly Bonding

  1. Haha, oh goodness, this made me laugh. Are you saying Walmart didn’t have ANY!!!? ;) And your sister burning her tongue on pizza… Man. That’s hard. How did she get through it?

    This is my melodramatic tragedy: Some wonderful workmen fitted a wood burner in my house the other day, and they gave me a lovely demonstration on how to use it. Simple, right, burning logs on a fire? How hard can it be? But, alas, I am incapable. Last night (or the night before, whenever it was), I went, “UGH I AM THE WORST PERSON AT LIGHTING FIRES EVER WHY AM I SO BAD I AM NEVER EVER GOING TO HAVE A DECENT FIRE!!!” And then my dog ran away from me because I was yelling. Seriously, it’s actually verging on depressing now. I should just get those men to come round every night so they can light it for me. That’s not too much to ask, is it? I don’t think so (;

    • No, they didn’t have a single one!! Geez, I don’t know if I’ll ever get over that. I was so disappointed. Haha, yeah, we’re really just a couple of drama queens. I guess that’s why we make such good partners in crime!

      Aha, oh man, that’s rough! Especially if your dog runs away from you :P Hehe, yeah, you should see if you can hire a nightly fire-lighter to light it for you. I’m sure if you put an ad out someone would come. And it might help maintain the peace in your household ;)

      • A tragedy, if ever there was one. Haha, I’m like that with my best friend. We’re so dramatic, but that’s why we work so well, y’know?

        It is rough! The men came back round the other day to finish something off, and they were like, “I don’t really see how you can wrong with lighting a fire.” I was just there thinking, ‘Fabulous, now the men are making fun of me.’ This is also a tragedy. So unbelievably depressing. I might have to do that ad thing! It is the only way.

        • Haha yeah, I mean, how can you face life’s ups and downs if you don’t add a touch of drama to the whole affair?

          Geez, can’t they see that this is a serious issue and not a laughing matter? You could freeze to death, my goodness! It is indeed the best way to go about it. I would go for the survival experts, personally, and stay far away from the pyromaniacs. You never know how far they’ll take it… ;)

          • Haha, EXACTLY ;)

            Indeed, their laughter was most heartless of them. No fear of freezing to death over here at the moment though!!!! -_- Such a mild winter I cannot even comprehend it. Our spring is well on it’s way, too. It’s getting so warm here on some days. Is it getting warmer where you are yet? Well, since we last spoke, I’ve actually got the hang of the whole fire lighting thing ;) I was so proud of myself. I would have given myself a gold star sticker, but alas, I had none at hand. But still, it was a momentous occasion. I danced around the room in celebration.

          • Man, we’re such polar opposites right now! Despite it now officially being spring, it snowed today. SNOWED. What the heck, Canada?! At least a ton of it has melted though and we can actually see grass! But yay, that’s awesome! Bit of a bummer that you didn’t have a gold star, they’re the best. Haha years from now we shall commemorate this day with music and dancing, all over the world! :D

          • Haha, well we actually had snow over here in some places the other day, as our temperatures have dropped again. The British weather just does whatever it wants, basically. It likes to keep everyone on their toes! I think Canada could do with some warm weather! It’s on its way, I’m sure :)

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