A Hero Close to the Heart

I play video games because I love to play the hero, to go out into the world and make decisions that will help people, fight battles that will save lives, and take the power to do good into my own hands. I’m not particularly strong or tall, I’m not fearless, and I don’t know how to use a sword. When I play video games, I can be strong, brave, and capable. I can do all the things I ordinarily cannot. I’d say there are a lot of people who play this way.

I’d never before imagined just how powerful this freedom could be.

Meet Taimi.

She’s 13 years old, and she’s got a degenerative disease that prevents her from being able to walk very far, without any available cure. She uses a golem to get around by riding on its shoulders and she’s a fearless little scrap. From what I’ve seen, she’s gathered a bit of a fan club, too.

But she has no fan more special than a player named Christina. She wrote a letter in the forums to the developers of Taimi’s character, which I saw a link to on the Guild Wars 2 Facebook page. This is the link. You should read it for yourself, it is absolutely heart-warming.

Anyways, Christina has multiple sclerosis and has difficulties walking around. Just like Taimi. So for her, seeing this disabled but so very clearly capable character, I think you can imagine how special that must be.

She has such a precious and rare connection with Taimi, and to see that she can still get around in the world, even though her legs don’t work quite right, well, that has to be the ultimate video game freedom.

It’s such an inspiring tale, both to think of the empowerment on Christina’s end, to know that there’s a hero out there just like her, and the pride on the creators’ end, to know that they’ve touched someone’s heart so deeply. It’s incredible, the impact that video games–or any story at all–can have on a person’s life.

Are there any heroes out there just like you?

May you find in your life someone so inspiring and dear to your heart.



10 thoughts on “A Hero Close to the Heart

  1. Heroes just like me? Um … I really like Miles Vorkosigan from Louis McMaster Bujold’s novels. We’re not much alike from the outside (he’s male, I’m female; he suffered teratogenetic damage and has a deformed body, I’m just scarred and overweight; he’s always hyperactive, I rarely am, and so on) but we share something of a “F— you, I’m going to live my life the way I want to!” attitude (shades of Rage Against The Machine, methinks). He does occasionally get depressed, and when he does, he sinks right down into it, so that’s another thing we have in common, and he’s a bit of a misfit on his world … anyways, he’s the one who sprang to mind when I read your question. XX DB

  2. I just had to add a postscript to the above …
    You have done me a HUGE service today. I’m a very musical person, but haven’t felt able to listen to music for literally months – I’m talking about before Christmas. I’ve been psychologically too frail to cope with having that door to my heart jammed open. After writing the above, I felt able to listen to one of my classic faves, “Killing in the name of” and now have been able to move forward and listen to some other stuff. This is a very, very real gift you have given me (albeit unwittingly!). Thank you so much.
    And just in case it was before your time, here’s the track in question (you can probably see why it fitted my mood this week! I’m pissed off at life and just want it to stop f—ing me around):

    • It’s good to hear you have a hero you can relate with so well. Sometimes I wonder how I’d get along without someone strong who knows what I’m going through, even if he’s fictional and doesn’t know I exist :)

      And well, I’m glad to have helped you, even unintentionally! Music is incredible in how healing it can be, so I am so happy that you were able to listen to it again. I wish you well, as always <3 (And I do enjoy Rage Against the Machine! Though yeah, before my time :P)

      • Yes, it really was a lovely few hours! I’ve gone back to a place where I don’t think listening to music would be the most constructive thing, but that’s OK too – I figure I’m “trending upwards” :-)

        Are you over your horrible cold?

        • Well hey, trending upwards is better than trending downwards, so hooray for that :)

          Aha, I’m over it as in “I’m so over being sick,” but unfortunately I’ve still got a lingering cough. I feel better though, if not 100% then close to it. Thanks for asking!

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