Versatile Blogger Award

Waaaay back in November, PP1MT over at The PewPew Diaries nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award! Big thanks to him for this award! Be sure to check out his blog–he wrote a really great post not too long ago about online relationships that’s well worth a read! Exclamation points!

Versatile Blogger Award

So, in the spirit of spreading the love, here are my nominations:

  • Maugryph’s Blog–he posts a digital painting every day, and the level of detail he puts in is incredible! Though he specializes in dragons, he has just as much skill with still life pieces, so go take a look.
  • A World of Chrome–gaming, cooking, fantasy galore, lots of great stuff on this blog. Everything she writes about is relatable and makes for a great read.
  • Tyrian Tomes–this blog is dedicated to Guild Wars 2 lore. A massive project going on right now is Project Eavesdrop, documenting all the conversations in places all over Tyria! Some of those conversations are downright hilarious.
  • Wrong Hands–a comic artist who plays with words and their meanings. Guaranteed to provide a laugh and brighten your day.
  • So Far Untitled–he’s a writer and self-professed geek. He shares snippets of writing and of real life, and he’s blogging so he can unleash his creativity and get his ideas into the world.
  • One Life is Not Enough–an avid gamer, he’s participating right now in Guild Wars Project 365. He’s posting a screenshot every day and they’re often a great dose of humour.
  • TJ Edwards–A Practice in Episodic Fiction–he’s also a writer, in the middle of editing his novel. You should read his short story, Circle of Vengeance, it’s very well done.
  • Life at the Perihelion–she does writing, gaming, and a bit of life’s little lessons. She wrote an interesting piece about “frogging” recently that you should go check out.
  • LOQUACITÉ–she blogs about a lot of different topics and is participating in blogging challenges. She’s also busy revising her NaNo novel, so go give her your support!
  • Nerdy Bookahs–it’s a blog about all sorts of different games, but especially Guild Wars 2. There are great screenshots to look at and great info to help you out.

You should take a gander at their work–it’s all great stuff!

And now, seven facts about me, ’cause you know you’re curious ;)

  • My favourite actor in the whole entire world is Martin Freeman. Because of The Hobbit. And Sherlock. Benedict Cumberbatch is my second favourite actor in the whole entire world.
  • I haven’t seen season 3 of Sherlock yet. No spoilers.
  • I’m able to crack on command most of the joints in my body. In order of increasing frequency, they are: my shoulders, elbows, knees (I’ve got a dance for that, just ask my best friend), left wrist, ankles, lower back, left hip, fingers, and toes. Oh yeah, I’m reeeeal proud.
  • I once took figure skating, when I was really young. We did a performance at the end of every season. One year we did a pop star one with tiger stripe vests and cardboard guitars, and then another year we did Harry Potter, with some sort of big human pinwheel move. It was a blast. I wouldn’t do it again.
  • I don’t wear makeup, but I love wearing meaningful jewellery. My bracelet and watch were gifts, I wear pheasant feather earrings, one ring shaped like a bridle bit, another ring designed to be like one from my book, and a rune friendship necklace.
  • I just bought the Mumford & Sons CD “Sigh No More”. They officially have a new fan.
  • My dream car is a blue Toyota FJ Cruiser, but they’re really hard on gas. So I’ll just have to stick with a small car instead.

That’s that, my friends. Congrats to all my nominees, you deserve it!

May you have an awesome weekend.



9 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Congratulations on the award! :) Haha, clicking joints on demand: we all know how handy that turns out to be in life! ;) Also, I HUGELY approve of your favourite actor/s. They are just the greatest people in the world, let’s be honest. My friend and I sometimes talk about those two (’cause he loves them as well, and we are obsessed with Sherlock); he has said that if he ever saw them he would turn into a squealing fangirl, which is just hilarious to picture.

    Sherlock series 3 is amazing, just like all the other two. There is one bit of one episode where me and the friend I mentioned above laughed so much!! You won’t be disappointed :P I love being British: we see all the best BBC dramas first ;) You know they’re making a fourth series, right?! ;)

    • Thanks! Pfft yeah, there have been so many times when I’ve thought to myself, “Wow, it’s a good thing my [insert body part here] pops on demand!” :P

      Agggh I’m so excited to watch it! Just ten more days till the DVD… I can do it. The joys of living in Canada :T And yes, I did know that :D Such a relief after so long between seasons 2 and 3!

      • Aha, I can imagine! How envious I am of such a skill. Actually, my ankles forever click, but it’s not on command. They have a mind of their own.

        Hehe :P I feel it’s kind of strange how well loved it is across the pond, though, maybe it’s just the whole Britishness of it. We all know how those across the way seem to love all things British! Which, again, I find strange, but so it is the case. Aha, being in Canada can’t be all THAT bad! ;)

        • They have a mind of their own, you say? My goodness, I’ve never heard anything like it! :P

          I’m really not quite sure what it is about the UK that’s so fascinating to us, but it seems to be an irresistible attraction. Ha, ordinarily I’d say I love living in Canada but at the moment, the snowbanks beside my driveway are much taller than my head… Not feeling so much Canadian love…

          • Haha, isn’t it crazy? :P

            I’m not sure either. It really is quite baffling for us over here. We are clearly just a charming and alluring nation ;) Across the pond is also obsessed with having Englishmen as the baddies in films, don’t you find? Always. Anyone would think we’re a nation of evil masterminds.
            Whoa, a lot of snow indeed! Gosh, you won’t find snow like that here – especially not now!! -_-‘ We’ve got flood waters submerging cars right now, so… we’re kinda in the same boat, just you have snow and we have water. I’d personally much rather snow, though. But maybe I wouldn’t say that if I were in your shoes! Dya wanna swap? :P Just make sure you bring your wellies and a raincoat, you’ll be fine ;) Hopefully your snow will gradually melt away though, when the time comes, otherwise you too might find yourself with some flooding. That wouldn’t be good. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for Canada and the States!

          • Yikes, that flooding sounds awful! Haha sure, I’ve never seen water that bad before so it will be quite the experience for me! Yeah, I hope so as well. Usually our winters are lingering and take well into March to fully leave, so the snow *should* melt slowly. And as you keep your fingers crossed for us, I’ll be doing the same for you!!

          • It is absolutely horrendous now. Ah, well that’s something! We can only hope the weather will be kind.

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