Dear You,


I said I would write you something today. Something non-sappy. Well, I’m not really in a sappy mood anymore. But I don’t know what to write.

I mean, I have lots that I want to write, but none of it is stuff that I want to write today. I’m in one of those moods where I need to write the right thing. And that makes it difficult when I don’t know what the right thing is.

Hmph. My chest hurts still. Not any better than when you last saw me. But I have all day tomorrow to rest, and Magg told me it would make my chest feel better. Wish she was right, but I know that a bit of sleep isn’t going to heal me. I’ve slept too much lately.

I miss it, I really do. Riding across the land with you and Stip, hunting the caribou, fighting off those bandits and trying to kill that manticore. I miss getting hurt with wounds that would bleed a bit, but heal up once they were bandaged. Not stupid wounds that ache forever. And I miss beating you in our duels. Not that I’d beat you now. I’m out of shape. You’d kick my butt from here to next month, easy.

So, Cap’n Endeavour? What have you been up to? I hope that every time you ride out with your crew, you ride with your chin twice as high as those other guys, just for me. And I hope you’re kicking their butts. I’d hate to see you go stir-crazy.

Speaking of crazy, I saw Stip this morning. He’s actually worse off than I am, believe it or not. He’s stuck farming some burned-up field, trying to restore the peace to some forgotten village that even the villagers don’t want to deal with. Farming, can you imagine? Stip with a shovel… Priceless. But he came to visit me, and he’s still crazily enamoured with living life.

“It’s all an adventure,” he said to me, kicking up his farm-dirt boots. “And if you’re bored, you moron, then you’re doing it wrong. You know, I saw a bunch of ants on the farm yesterday, and they were trying to pick up some bit of watermelon some kid had dropped, so I started cheering for them, like, ‘Go, little soldiers! Slay the red dragon! Yes, rip him to pieces, you can do it!’ And you know what? They did. And it was the saddest thing, that they were slaying watermelon and I was digging holes. Even ants are having greater adventures than me. But hey, maybe one of these days I’m gonna dig a hole and find some buried treasure, or dig right through to some other dimension. Could happen. Adventures coming my way, I can feel it.”

I couldn’t stop laughing, but I admire him. He’s trying to keep me positive, stop me from going too insane in this boring infirmary. I don’t think I’ll go searching for buried treasure any time soon, but maybe I can slip away from Magg tomorrow and find a tree to climb, or a river to cross, or just something. Remind me of the old days, you know?

I don’t know if that was the right thing I wanted to write, but that’s the honest thing. That’s my life. Not as much an adventure as yours, I’m sure, but hey. It’s what I’ve got. I suppose I shouldn’t let it go to waste.

One day we’ll ride together again, and we’ll drag watermelon-slaying Stip along with us, and we will have the best adventure ever, yeah?

Take care, Cap’n Endeavour.

Signed yours truly.


The first two paragraphs are completely true. I had no idea what I wanted to write today, so I just started out honest and before long I had the idea of writing a letter from an adventurer’s perspective. So hooray, something to write!

Life really is an adventure. I’ll admit, it doesn’t feel that way right now, as I sit at the table, mashing keys and in an “I don’t know what to write” state of mind, but let’s not let it go to waste, yeah?

How’s your life adventure going? 

May you never let a minute go to waste, because life is all a great adventure.



2 thoughts on “Dear You,

  1. I know exactly what you mean about wanting to write “the right thing!” I have so many ideas of things I want to write, but refuse to write them down until I know they’ll be exactly how I want them

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