Encased in Frigid Glass


This morning, I awoke to find that all of the rain we’d had yesterday and last night had frozen solid, creating a thick layer of ice on absolutely everything. Even though it’s a sign of nasty road conditions and mass destruction of trees all around, it is of course a magical sight to wake up to.

IMG_1980All the trees and snowbanks were gleaming (especially in the nighttime lights) as if they were made of glass.


But just like the glass that encased them, many of the trees had shattered, their limbs breaking under the weight of the ice and causing damage and power loss in several areas. It’s scary, to see such harm, and yet the destruction is made so eerie by the chilling beauty of the ice.


It’s a hauntingly powerful reminder from Jack Frost himself that though winter is harsh, it is never without its own beauty and grace. Even as it fells trees and grips the earth in icy claws, it never loses its own sense of dignity. Though I must admit that I fear and dread winter, it is this icy artwork that makes me deeply respect it.


How do you feel about winter?

May you never forget to see the frigid beauty all around, no matter how deeply bites the frost and cold.



2 thoughts on “Encased in Frigid Glass

  1. Wonderful pictures! Winter is beautifully deadly, I find, and one either sees its deadliness or its beauty. Personally, I only have eyes for its beauty, but only because I choose to be blind to its harsh ways! But then, maybe I just like finding the discreet and hidden beauty in things ;)

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