Adventures, Adventures

Huzzah, I’m still alive!

But I seem to have forgotten how to blog. Not really, I guess, but I can’t seem to recall how on earth I used to manage writing a blog post every other day. Then again, this is my first Christmas, and Christmas is a uniquely busy time of year, hooray.

Anyways, once next week is done and I’m on Christmas break, I’ll have a lot more time for everything and I promise I’ll get back to writing proper adventurey Valourbörn posts (and LotSF…). I feel bad that for the past three months, my blog has been diverted from its original purpose. But it was kind of fun, and I’m hoping you enjoyed it too.

But while I’m here, I’d like to talk about adventures.

Specifically, the ones I’m planning.

Like tonight, for example, I’m going to go see The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug! I’ve been excited about this movie for the whole year. Two hours and forty-one minutes of adventure and hobbits and pure geeky fun! It’s an adventure I can’t wait to have.

(And have you seen the lovely Middle-earth app for Google Chrome?)

And I’m planning to have lots of adventures on Guild Wars 2 during their big Wintersday celebration! Bell choir, jumping puzzle, snowball fighting, bell choir… Lots to do! And I also want to spend some time exploring and taking screenshots over my break, just relaxing in a beautiful world.

My last adventure is going to be one of an artistic nature. I plan to draw a lot this winter and it’ll be an adventure and a half for me, learning how to get my confidence in my abilities back and learning how to create stories with images. It’ll be fun. I’ll keep you posted.

I promise I’ll actually get back to writing my usual Valourbörn posts soon. I miss it, I really do.

What kinds of adventures do you have planned?

May you never lose the spirit for adventure, no matter what kind of adventure it may be.



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