A Little Excerpt

He’d never had a friend. Not a human friend, anyways. The animals had always been there, to listen to his pain and his needs and to give him their own wordless comfort in a way that only animals could. But he’d never had anyone to give him advice or ask if he was okay. He’d never had anyone who could sympathize with what he was going through and understand the neglect he was feeling. And even when the animals gave him support, it didn’t last forever. When the animals no longer needed his care, they moved on. They never stopped to think that he might need their care in return. How could they have known, if he had never found a way to tell them?

A quote from one of my favourite scenes so far in my NaNoWriMo novel. I’ve got about a thousand more words to write to catch up for tonight. Huh, and it’s already past midnight.

I’ll probably post again tomorrow. Have a good night, everyone.



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