Happy Halloween!

Well, Halloween is almost over for me. I had a blast today, dressing up, touring a haunted house, and handing out candy–and really just enjoying everything Halloweeny.

But now I’m really tired.

I’ve been cramming to get everything done the past couple weeks–my costume, blog posts, writing stuff, Halloween movies, my pumpkin carving–and there’s a heck of a lot of stuff I just didn’t have time for. It happens every year, and though it’s a lot of fun at the time, it’s really exhausting after the fact. So, to help myself relax a bit on Halloween day, I spread out all the other stuff I didn’t finish into the first few days of November. So Halloween isn’t done for me just yet!

For a few days, at least, Valourbörn will be filled with more Halloween stuff that I just never got around to. I’ve always liked celebrating Halloween for longer than one night, so it should be fun.

Happy Halloween to everyone, and I hope you had an awesome night!

See you tomorrow!




2 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. What was your costume? I’m going to a party tonight with a Where’s Waldo getup and a skull mask. I’m calling it… Skulldo.

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