Uh oh… (Villain Showdowns)

Woo, guess who worked late and wasn’t home and showered in time to post the results at 3:00 like I said I would?

So I’m a little late here, but I also have a problem. A problem I should’ve seen coming, I think.

Problem 1: one of the villain showdown polls doesn’t have any votes.

Problem 2: two of the showdowns have ties.

Which means that in three of the showdowns, I can’t determine a winner. As a result, I’ll be keeping the polls open for another day, which will hopefully be enough time to break ties and get more votes. I’m hoping that you’ll help me out. You can now see the percentage results of each poll, so if you see that a poll has no votes at all, or is stuck at a tie, please add your vote! No problem if you’ve already voted–vote again! I’ll put all the polls at the bottom of this post, as well as links to the original showdown posts. All polls have now been updated to show results.

Thanks in advance to everyone who votes and helps make this project a success!


Villain Showdown 1: Reigning in Renown

Villain Showdown 2: Bozo, Batty, Bonkers

Villain Showdown 3: Brilliance Among the Brainless

Villain Showdown 4: Hopelessly Incompetent

Villain Showdown 5: Lethal Leading Ladies


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