Villain Showdown: Lethal Leading Ladies

The world of evil is largely dominated by men. They have all the toys, all the costumes, and all the testosterone to think that they can take over the world. You hear about tons of male villains, but there are many female villains too, who are just as capable (if not more) at being evil.

These villains are Lethal Leading Ladies.


Bellatrix (Harry Potter)

I may be a follower of Voldemort (his most loyal follower, I’ll have you know!) but that doesn’t make me any less of a leader. Who do you think gave the orders when Voldemort wasn’t there to do it? Who do you think did all the dirty work?

I’ve had countless victories. Becoming a Death Eater was the best choice I ever made. Working for Voldemort has let me do so much to purify the wizarding world and eradicate filthy mudbloods. Torturing the Longbottoms into insanity, torturing that filthy Muggle-born Hermione Granger, killing Sirius Black–my life has been nothing but success, and I earned that all on my own.

Not even Azkaban could keep me in–and that’s supposed to be high-security. Ha! Nothing so foolish can keep me locked up.

I’m no stranger to the Unforgivable Curses, either. I use them without a second thought. If that isn’t evil, I don’t know what is.

So if you’d like to avoid one of those curses being used on you, you had better vote for me. Is this not the face of a winner? Vote!

Kerrigan (Starcraft)

I was infested by the zerg, transformed into this twisted form, and I have fully embraced my newfound power. I’ve allowed my evil to flourish.

They called me the Queen of Blades. I was fearsome. Armies crumbled beneath me, rivers of blood coursed through the planets I ravaged, and all were afraid when they heard my name.

During my time of evil rule, the growth of my power was unstoppable. A thirst for revenge drove me on as day by day, I grew more terrible.

I betrayed my allies and my race. I became one with the swarm and I led many massacres. I had no regard for the lives of others. If they were in my way, I killed them. There were no second thoughts.

The choice is obvious. Submit to the swarm and vote for your Queen, if you don’t want to be torn limb from limb.

Cruella De Vil (101 Dalmatians)

Sure, puppies can be cute, but do you know what’s even cuter? A gorgeous fur coat.

Animals wouldn’t have been given such soft fur if we weren’t meant to use it for our clothing. Faux fur is tacky. Only real fur will do.

Oh, but darlings–just imagine a fur coat made of Dalmatian fur. Those gorgeous spots! And the fur of puppies is so much softer than adults. You need a lot of puppies to make a coat, but I’ll use as many as I have to.

I’m not evil–unless it’s evil to want to look beautiful. To want to be the envy of the high fashion world. In that case, I’m perfectly evil.

Unless you want to be turned into a coat, darling, cast your vote for me. Because if I don’t scare you, no evil thing will.


I may be biased since I’m a girl, but I love me a good female villain. I enjoy when they’re in it for more than just the attention towards their “dangerously good looks”–when they actually care about doing evil and satisfying their own cruel wants. And if I had to face a wicked woman versus an evil man, I would pick the man any day–lethal women scare me so much more!

Please note, with this round and with all others, that there are going to be some villains in the showdowns that I’m not very familiar with. I’m not an expert, so if you know something that I didn’t include, feel free to share in the comments!

Now then–onto the voting! Here’s how it’ll work:

  • Voting will be open for all rounds until 3:00 PM EDT on Saturday October 26th. (here’s a time zone converter if you need it)
  • You can vote as many times as you’d like between then and now, for as many villains as you’d like. Show your support and bring some friends!
  • Feel free to comment on your choice and try to win votes for your favourite baddie.
  • Don’t recognize the villains in this round? No problem–feel free to vote for the coolest picture or best description. Just have fun with it!

So get casting your votes and may the best villain win!



6 thoughts on “Villain Showdown: Lethal Leading Ladies

  1. Bellatrix is a great leading-lady villain. The scene at the end of book five where Harry is chasing her after she killed Sirius and she talks to him with a baby voice and teases him on how he doesn’t really “mean it’…wow…very evil.


  2. Oh, I remember Cruella. She was the first human being(or representation of) that I hated with all my heart. But I didn’t think she was evil though, she’s just an asshole. My vote goes to Kerigan – she’s cold, cool and arrogant. She has an air of power and superiority about her. Bellatrix’s just insane, so yeah :/

    • Haha yeah, I was afraid of Cruella when I first saw her. Kerrigan is very cool. Someone that self-assured leading a swarm of zerg? Not something I’d want to have to face, that’s for sure.

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